Biden Administration Flies Illegal Immigrants Cross-Country: TSA Explains How

Amidst an ongoing crisis at the southern border, the Biden Administration is now flying illegal immigrants to...

Human Events Staff May 6, 2021

‘PRESIDENT’S PROBLEM’: Iowa Governor Rejects White House Request to House Child Migrants 

As the Biden administration struggles to stay afloat in the sea of child migrants flooding the southern...

Human Events Staff April 12, 2021

US Government Restricting Media From Covering Border Crisis

Despite pretending to be committed to “transparency,” the Biden administration is essentially censoring...

Human Events Staff March 23, 2021

Chilling Photos Show Children Stuffed into Illegal Immigrant Facility in Texas

Customs and Border Protection officials released chilling new photos of the overcrowded conditions at an...

Human Events Staff March 23, 2021

Illegal Border Crossings Will Reach Highest Record in 20 Years

Come one, come all to Biden’s America!  While the Biden administration refuses to acknowledge it for...

Human Events Staff March 16, 2021

Biden Administration Refuses to Say How Many Kids are in Cages, What is Florida Doing About It?

Since he took office nearly two months ago, Joe Biden has failed to address the public regarding any of the...

Human Events Staff March 10, 2021

Over 100 COVID-19 Positive Illegal Immigrants Released by Border Patrol in Texas

There are two main things that team-left is worried about: contracting the coronavirus and finding an easy...

Human Events Staff March 3, 2021

Biden Administration to Welcome More Illegal Immigrants with New Tent Facility

Amid a surge in illegal immigrants at the southern border, and in line with the new “America Last” motto,...

Human Events Staff March 1, 2021

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