The Duchess Is a Victim and Football Is Gay.

Understanding Identity Marxism’s ‘long march’ through America’s institutions.

Charlie Eastman September 21, 2021

Make No Mistake. You Are Living Under the Perfect Censorship.

We who have lived in communist countries recognize the signs: American freedom of speech and thought are...

Armando Simón July 29, 2021

Sen. Rick Scott Urges U.S. to Shut Down Cuban Embassy in D.C.

Florida Sen. Rick Scott said Tuesday that the U.S. should shut down the Cuban Embassy in Washington D.C....

Human Events Staff July 28, 2021

Resurgent Communism.

This ongoing Special Collection features current and historical analysis investigating how communist ideology...

Human Events Opinion July 23, 2021

Communism in the Classroom.

American students, from grade school through graduate school, are being kept ignorant about the violent...

Robert T. Wood July 22, 2021

Ron DeSantis, Whittaker Chambers, and the Continuing Crisis.

In the great conflict between communism and Western democratic civilization, only a return to our faith and...

Francis P. Sempa July 22, 2021

FL Boat Owners Attempt Food, Supply Runs to Cuba

Boat owners in Florida are attempting to make food and supply runs to help protesters in Cuba. A large group...

Human Events Staff July 15, 2021

Rare Anti-Communism Protests Erupt in Cuba

Thousands of people marched through the streets of Cuba Sunday, demanding freedom from the communist...

Human Events Staff July 12, 2021

‘BETTER DEAD THAN RED’: UFC Fighter Stands Strong on Anti-Communist Viewpoint

UFC strawweight contender Rose Namajunas is standing strong on her criticism of communism, reiterating her...

Human Events Staff April 16, 2021