How the Fall of Twin Towers Led to the Demise of the Internet.

A frank critique of how America conducted herself since September 11th, 2001—and how we can do better.

Preston Park September 12, 2021

Martyred: Three Big names Get Punished for Non-Conforming Opinions, Personal Finances Now Fair Game

Over the past four days, three outspoken dissidents in the fight against selective bigotry and collectivism...

Brent Hamachek August 30, 2021

Wikipedia Co-Founder to Launch Initiative to Decentralize Online Encyclopedias, Promote Neutral Standards

The co-founder of Wikipedia is launching an initiative to decentralize the world’s encyclopedias and...

Human Events Staff August 25, 2021

Twitter’s Nakedly Partisan Hacked Materials Policy.

Twitter’s political abuse of rules meant to crack down on hacking undermines the viability of these vital...

Caleb Larson August 16, 2021

Harvard Medical Professor Censored for Questioning Legitimacy of Masks

After facing suspension from Twitter, a Harvard Medical School professor started using LinkedIn to share his...

Human Events Staff August 16, 2021

Make No Mistake. You Are Living Under the Perfect Censorship.

We who have lived in communist countries recognize the signs: American freedom of speech and thought are...

Armando Simón July 29, 2021

Make Cupertino Great Again.

Silicon Valley was patriotic once. I remember—I grew up there.

Will Chamberlain July 4, 2021

Indiana AG Launches Investigation into Five Big Tech Companies Over Conservative Censorship

The battle against Big Tech continues, as Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced Wednesday he has...

Human Events Staff April 8, 2021

Heritage Foundation Rejects Six-Figure Donations from Google, Facebook

The Heritage Foundation, one of the oldest and most prominent conservative think tanks in Washington, made...

Human Events Staff March 26, 2021

Poland Takes the Lead, Proposes $13.5M Fines for Big Tech Censorship

Poland is taking a stand against the Big Tech conglomerate, proposing whopping fines for platforms that...

Human Events Staff February 19, 2021

Entrepreneur Launches New Browser with No Censorship to Promote Free Speech

As social media platforms and the Big Tech conglomerate continue to impose their egregious restrictions on...

Human Events Staff February 9, 2021

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Permanently Banned from Twitter

Big Tech’s censorship of conservatives is quite literally a game of follow the leader, or a severe case of...

Human Events Staff January 26, 2021

Calls to "Rein In" the Media Latest Form of "Newspeak"

This week, politicians and academics -- in lockstep as always -- have directly called for an effective end to...

Celine Ryan Ciccio January 15, 2021

Texas AG launches investigation into Big Tech bias and discrimination against conservative voices

In the wake of the Capitol riot, seemingly every social media platform has taken it upon themselves to...

Human Events Staff January 14, 2021