Partisanship in Science: The Last Pillar Collapses.

Science itself may be the ultimate casualty of the left's embrace of partisanship and cancel culture.

J. Allen Cartwright April 8, 2021

SpongeBob Gets Wrung Dry: Nickelodeon Yanks Episode Over ‘Sensitivities’

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants.  Absorbent and yellow and canceled, is he?...

Human Events Staff March 31, 2021

The Grinch Who Saved Culture: GOP Rep. Introduces Bill to Protect Children’s Books From Cancelation

As more and more books, toys and movies fall victim to the monster that is cancel culture, one GOP...

Human Events Staff March 30, 2021

South Korea Air Force Squadron Replaces Logo Because of its Resemblance to White Supremacy Symbol

Courtesy of cancel culture, the civil engineer squadron at Osan Air Base in South Korea replaced its logo...

Human Events Staff March 17, 2021

Celebrities Cave to Team Left Bigotry: Bullied Into Apologizing for Reading & Saying Things in Which They Believe

Proving that Cancel Culture takes no prisoners, the banjo player for the popular British folk-rock band...

Celine Ryan March 12, 2021

Disney+ Yanks Dumbo, Peter Pan & more from Kids Section for ‘Wrongful Stereotypes’

In efforts to appease to the progressive left, Disney+ removed some of the most classic movies from the kids...

Human Events Staff March 10, 2021

Universal Studios Succumbs to the ‘Woke,’ is ‘Evaluating’ Dr. Seuss-Themed Attraction

Following the “woke” cancelation of six Dr. Seuss books, Universal Orlando announced Tuesday that it is...

Human Events Staff March 3, 2021

Ruthless, Insatiable Cancel Culture Takes Rose Away From Chris Harrison

Thanks to the cancel culture vultures ripping him to shreds, Bachelor host Chris Harrison announced Saturday...

Brent Hamachek February 16, 2021

Entertainment Industry Cancel-Culture Producing Free Speech "Martyrs"

At the very moment that this story from Human Events news writer Celine Ryan is being published, the United...

Celine Ryan February 12, 2021

WAPO "Perspective" Piece on Cancel Culture Earns an "F" in Logic 101

The Washington Post recently ran a piece in its "Perspective" section denying the existence of "cancel...

Celine Ryan February 3, 2021