Democrats know Build Back Better represents a crowning achievement worth 2022 sacrifice

Joe Biden’s proposed Build Back Better (BBB) legislation is making its journey from the House, where it was...

Charlie Kirk November 24, 2021

DISSIDENTS DESK: Hamachek, Gonzalez Discuss Fiscal & Economic Policy, More

Founder and CEO of Engineered Tax Services, Julio Gonzalez, joins Brent Hamachek on Friday’s episode of...

Human Events Staff November 19, 2021

House Passes Biden’s $1.75 Trillion Build Back Better Plan

The House on Friday passed Biden’s whopping $1.75 trillion Build Back Better plan, despite the...

Human Events Staff November 19, 2021

Mr. McCarthy Goes to Washington, GOP Leader Gives Stirring Speech Against Socialism on House Floor

Perhaps after reading Thursday's opinion piece by Human Events’ Chris Barron, House Minority Leader Kevin...

Brent Hamachek November 19, 2021

DUCHESS CALLING: Meghan Markle is Calling GOP Senators Using Royal Title to Lobby

Using her royal title, Meghan Markle has reportedly been phone-bombing republican senators in efforts to...

Human Events Staff November 4, 2021

White House Pushes ‘Life of Linda’ Narrative to Promote Build Back Better Agenda

The White House is using a new tactic to promote the proposed Build Back Better Agenda: manipulation.  A...

Human Events Staff October 28, 2021

Fed Heads Increase Inflation Predictions as Dems Push for $3.5 Trillion Spending Bill

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen say that inflation is rising...

Human Events Staff September 29, 2021

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