Lawmakers Fight Off Big Tech, Introduce Sweeping Antitrust Bill

House lawmakers introduced sweeping antitrust legislation Friday to fight back against Big Tech’s powerful...

Human Events Staff June 11, 2021

Facebook Formally Suspends President Trump For Two Years

Facebook announced that it will suspend Donald Trump for two years following its Oversight Board urging the...

Human Events Staff June 4, 2021

Facebook Faces Antitrust Investigation in EU, U.K

The United Kingdom and European Union opened formal antitrust investigations into Facebook’s classified-ads...

Human Events Staff June 4, 2021

Facebook Will No Longer Remove Posts Claiming COVID-19 Was Man-Made

In what seems to be a revival of the childhood game “follow-the-leader,” Facebook will no longer remove...

Human Events Staff May 27, 2021

Ron DeSantis Gets It: Big Tech Must Be Put On a Leash.

Florida's freedom-loving governor takes on Big Tech censorship.

David Krayden May 26, 2021

Judge in Texas Google Lawsuit Refuses to Transfer Case to California

A Texas judge hearing a state antitrust lawsuit against Google denied a request Thursday for the case to be...

Human Events Staff May 26, 2021

FL Gov. DeSantis Passes Law Banning Big Tech ‘Deplatforming’

Amidst a seemingly endless Big Tech deplatforming spree, Florida is the first state in the nation to take a...

Human Events Staff May 25, 2021

Twitter Reinstates Application Process for Verification, Blue Check

Twitter is rolling out a new verification process that will allow any user to apply for the platform’s...

Human Events Staff May 21, 2021

FACEBOOK OFFICIAL: Oversight Board Upholds Decision to Ban Trump

The Facebook Oversight Board decided to make things official Wednesday, upholding the January decision to ban...

Human Events Staff May 5, 2021

DONALD’S DESK: Trump Launches New Communications Platform

After months of anticipation, President Donald Trump launched a new communications platform Tuesday, which...

Human Events Staff May 5, 2021

Ted Cruz to Stop Accepting Corporate PAC Donations

Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is promising to no longer accept campaign contributions from corporate...

Human Events Staff April 30, 2021

Seven House Republicans Vow to Reject Big Tech Donations

It’s been three months since Big Tech initiated their conservative witch hunt, and the fight still...

Human Events Staff April 21, 2021

GUESS WHO’S BACK? Apple to Make Parler Available in App Store Again

After nearly four months of blacklisting, Apple announced that it plans to make Parler available in its app...

Human Events Staff April 19, 2021

MARTYRED! Twitter Permanently Bans Project Veritas Founder James O’Keefe

In the latest edition of Big Tech banning conservatives, Twitter has permanently suspended the account of...

Brent Hamachek April 16, 2021

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