17 Attorneys General Back South Dakota Lawsuit Over Mount Rushmore Fireworks Cancellation

The Fourth of July, properly known as Independence Day, is a day to honor and celebrate our freedom, often...

Human Events Staff May 24, 2021

Federal Judge Rules Against Women, Says Christian College Must Allow Biological Males to Share Showers with Females

A federal judge sided with Biden Wednesday, ruling that students of the opposite biological sex must be...

Human Events Staff May 20, 2021

Biden Administration Eyes Creation of Stasi-Styled Group to Monitor Service Members’ Activities 

The Biden administration is preparing to engage with private firms that will monitor the social media...

Brent Hamachek May 19, 2021

CONFUSED? White House Says Trump Didn’t Do ‘Anything Constructive’ to Create Mid-East Peace

The White House on Tuesday said that other than a “dead on arrival” peace plan, Trump didn’t do...

Human Events Staff May 18, 2021

“The Buck Stops Where?”

Biden presidency calls into question just who is responsible for what.

Jeff Webb May 16, 2021

Biden’s International Efforts Place Iran Over America

In another egregious example of his “America last” agenda, the Biden administration is considering giving...

Human Events Staff May 6, 2021

Biden Administration Flies Illegal Immigrants Cross-Country: TSA Explains How

Amidst an ongoing crisis at the southern border, the Biden Administration is now flying illegal immigrants to...

Human Events Staff May 6, 2021

GOP Takes Landslide Victory in Texas As City Fends Off Critical Race Theory in Schools

Republicans in Southlake, Texas took back the school board in a landslide victory, as voters revolted against...

Human Events Staff May 4, 2021

Needed: A Disciplined Foreign Policy.

The Biden administration is picking ad hoc diplomatic fights—and putting global stability at risk.

Francis P. Sempa May 3, 2021

Joe Biden’s No Good, Very Bad, First 100 Days.

On every single issue, the Biden administration has threatened American safety and prosperity for decades to...

Alex Bruesewitz May 1, 2021

Fibster Blinken Defends John Kerry from GOP Attacks: ‘Utter Nonsense’

Secretary of State Antony Blinken dismissed allegations that John Kerry leaked covert Israeli military...

Human Events Staff April 28, 2021

Biden to Unleash Another Socialist Initiative in First Joint Address to Congress

Joe Biden is set to deliver his first speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday night, just two days...

Human Events Staff April 28, 2021

‘CALL ME!’ South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Says State Won’t Take in Illegal Immigrants

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is taking a stand against Biden’s illegal immigrant relocation extravaganza,...

Human Events Staff April 15, 2021

Biden’s Executive Actions on Gun Control Drive Another Nail Into Freedom.

Executive policy after executive policy, the President's pandering to the radical left shows no sign of...

David Krayden April 13, 2021