BIDEN BOOGIE: ‘Let's Go Brandon’ Anti-Biden Songs Top iTunes Chart

Landing among artists like Adele and Ed Sheeran on the iTunes chart are two anti-Biden hip hop songs that...

Human Events Staff October 26, 2021

Apple Working on iPhone Technology to Detect Depression, Cognitive Decline

Apple is working on new technology to help detect and diagnose depression and cognitive decline in efforts to...

Human Events Staff September 21, 2021

Human Events Daily Debut Episode Breaks Top 15 of All News Podcasts

The Human Events Daily podcast, hosted by none other than Jack Posobiec, is soaring up the charts in just...

Human Events Staff September 14, 2021

How the Fall of Twin Towers Led to the Demise of the Internet.

A frank critique of how America conducted herself since September 11th, 2001—and how we can do better.

Preston Park September 12, 2021

Federal Judge Orders Apple to Ease Restrictions on App Developers

A federal judge ordered Apple to ease restrictions on app developers Friday, specifically involving payment...

Human Events Staff September 10, 2021

Apple Delaying iPhone Update That Could Scan for Illegal Content Amid Privacy Concerns

Apple is delaying the release of an update aimed at combating child pornography amidst concerns that the...

Human Events Staff September 3, 2021

No More Passing the Buck on Big Tech.

The GOP has a duty to stay the course and enact new antitrust laws that curb the power of Big Tech.

Alex Bruesewitz June 27, 2021

Lawmakers Fight Off Big Tech, Introduce Sweeping Antitrust Bill

House lawmakers introduced sweeping antitrust legislation Friday to fight back against Big Tech’s powerful...

Human Events Staff June 11, 2021

Seven House Republicans Vow to Reject Big Tech Donations

It’s been three months since Big Tech initiated their conservative witch hunt, and the fight still...

Human Events Staff April 21, 2021

GUESS WHO’S BACK? Apple to Make Parler Available in App Store Again

After nearly four months of blacklisting, Apple announced that it plans to make Parler available in its app...

Human Events Staff April 19, 2021

Indiana AG Launches Investigation into Five Big Tech Companies Over Conservative Censorship

The battle against Big Tech continues, as Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita announced Wednesday he has...

Human Events Staff April 8, 2021

Dan Bongino Spits the Truth on Why Parler CEO Was Fired

After the platform essentially got wiped off the face of the world-wide-web, Parler CEO and co-founder John...

Human Events Staff February 4, 2021

FL Gov. DeSantis Blasts Big Tech, Announces Legislation to Fight Censorship

In an effort to protect Floridians, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced support for legislation that would combat the...

Human Events Staff February 3, 2021

Biden has ties to 5 major tech companies

Silicon Valley works hard, but Joe Biden works harder.  Over the last several weeks, Joe Biden announced...

Human Events Staff January 11, 2021