Globalists Want to Own You

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  • 10/04/2022

Drew Hernandez is back, guest hosting while Jack is on assignment. Populist, freedom-loving Brazilian President Bolsonaro crushed the polls, moving onto the second round of the presidential race, after he refused to give into the World Economic Forum agenda. Google, on the other hand, partnered with the World Economic Forum and their god-complex in order to control the narrative around climate ‘disinformation’, as announced by a UN representative. Elon Musk called out Kamala Harris after she said the Biden administration plans to distribute disaster relief based on equity and race; instead of helping human beings who could potentially die, they’re focused on the color of your skin! UC Berkeley students also care more about race and religion than actual equality, as they have created ‘Jewish-free’ zones and banned pro-Israel speakers from university events in an attempt to stop zionist laws - social engineering at it’s finest.

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