Conservative Teen Murdered in North Dakota after Biden Hate Speech

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  • 09/21/2022

President Trump’s legal team met with their own appointed Special Master today for the first time and now appear to be preparing for a possible criminal indictment; meanwhile the Biden DOJ are filing movements to block the review of the Mar-a-Lago docs, but why? Shortly after Biden gave his unhinged anti-MAGA American speech, a 41-year-old liberal man admitted to police that he intentionally ran down a conservative teenager in North Dakota and killed him. The 5th Circuit Federal Court upheld the Texas anti-censorship tech law saying big tech doesn’t have the right to censor freedom of speech of their platforms due to the First Amendment rights of the users. Founder of Media Matters and long-time Clinton operative David Brock has been exposed as running a conservative-smear operation that pushes liberal anti-conservative propaganda in battleground states without disclosing their true identities.

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