Sohrab Ahmari Establishes Himself as the Moralist the West Needs.

In his new book, The Unbroken Thread, Ahmari lays down his vision for a nonmodern, postliberal political...

Daniel Addison May 10, 2021

The Politicization of COVID-19 by Health Experts Clouds Vaccine Triumph.

Public health officials and the media are quick to blame Republicans for vaccine hesitancy when it's their...

J. Allen Cartwright May 7, 2021

Win or Lose, the Effort in Windham, New Hampshire Must Be Celebrated—Especially if It’s Lose.

Why Windham's losses should be understood as a gain for American patriots.

Brent Hamachek May 7, 2021

Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party, and Their Media Have Imposed Mob Rule.

Patriots should know the truth about BLM, systemic racism, police shootings of black citizens, and the surge...

Maurice Richards May 6, 2021

The Power Behind the White House.

Kamala Harris and the quiet pursuit of power.

David Krayden May 4, 2021

Needed: A Disciplined Foreign Policy.

The Biden administration is picking ad hoc diplomatic fights—and putting global stability at risk.

Francis P. Sempa May 3, 2021

Fake Fascism and the Quest for Community.

The root cause of our obsession with "fascism"—however poorly we understand it.

Alec Orrell May 1, 2021

Joe Biden’s No Good, Very Bad, First 100 Days.

On every single issue, the Biden administration has threatened American safety and prosperity for decades to...

Alex Bruesewitz May 1, 2021

Charlie Kirk: “Defund the Police” is a Trojan Horse.

The REAL objective is a national police force.

Charlie Kirk April 30, 2021

Note to Employers: Beware of Letting Pandemic Workforce Necessities Become Permanent.

We are in danger of confusing short-term adaptability with long-term desirability.

Jeff Webb April 29, 2021

Biden Sedates America Into Accepting Even Bigger Government.

The President reveals his plan for America: a cradle to grave welfare state.

David Krayden April 29, 2021

Biden’s Bubbles: Froth and Folly Before the Crash.

By going all in on unlimited spending, Biden and the Democrats embrace pre-crisis thinking and cement a...

Jason Killmeyer April 28, 2021

Charlie Kirk: The USPS Is Making a List. Who Is Checking It Twice—and Why?

Of all places, the Post Office is now a threat to our freedom.

Charlie Kirk April 26, 2021

Exposing the Software Supply Chain Problem.

Our manufacturing system is insecure.

Caleb Larson April 24, 2021