Let’s Drive a Stake Through the Heart of Stakeholder Capitalism.

Adding ideology to the stakeholder mix will prove costly and dangerous in the long term.

Andrew I. Fillat and Henry I. Miller February 5, 2021

From the News Editor’s Desk: What’s Needed in the Fight Against Big Tech Are Random Acts of Federalism.

Governor DeSantis takes the state's rights approach to combat Silicon Valley.

Jeff Webb February 5, 2021

The War on Disinformation Is a War on Dissent.

“Disinformation” and “misinformation” are used to excuse incompetence and punish opposition.

Ash Staub February 4, 2021

Joe Biden Thinks He’s Tackling Climate Change, but He’s Really Sacking the U.S. Economy.

The Paris Accords and cancelling Keystone is just the beginning of life under the new climate regime.

David Krayden February 3, 2021

The “Florida COVID-19 Whistleblower” Saga Is a Big Lie.

Rebekah Jones, The Narrative, and the truth.

Christina Pushaw February 2, 2021

Reddit Investor Revolt: A Gift Waiting for Republicans To Open.

The question is, do they have the courage?

Charlie Kirk February 1, 2021

In With a Bang, Out With a Whimper.

President Trump’s failure to pardon Julian Assange marks the end of a worthwhile but ultimately wasted...

Stephen Little January 30, 2021

5G and the Coming World.

“Paranoia” and the future of the human person.

Adam Ellwanger January 29, 2021

Liz Cheney Is Not the Future of the GOP.

Four years later, the way forward remains unchanged: President Trump's America First agenda.

Alex Bruesewitz January 28, 2021

President Biden Talks About “Unity,” When What He Really Means Is Uniformity and Conformity.

The Biden administration's backlash against Trump supporters is quickly escalating into an all-out war.

David Krayden January 26, 2021

Counterpoint to Lee Behringer: American Populism's Cinderella Story.

Finding Lady Liberty's Glass Slipper?

Eric Myers January 25, 2021

On Canceling Keystone.

President Biden's climate posturing over Keystone comes at the expense of American livelihoods.

Daniel Turner January 23, 2021

Canceling the Keystone Pipeline Is a Mistake.

President Biden should reconsider his decision to revoke the permit for the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Sukhayl Niyazov January 23, 2021

From the News Editor’s Desk: Stepping Into a New Role in the Most Challenging of Times.

The challenge of moving forward after January 6th.

Jeff Webb January 22, 2021