We Are Not Alone.

Twenty-five years ago today, on Holocaust Memorial Day, I walked alongside 6,000 Jewish teenagers from...

Shari Dollinger May 2, 2019

Remembering President John Glenn.

Why Joe Biden’s Polling Lead Is Out of this World, And Out of Touch With Reality

Peter Fererra May 1, 2019

Yes America, The EU Is Your Fault.

American globalists set out to unify European nations, even funding pro-EU movements via the CIA and...

M.E. Synon May 1, 2019

The Clinton Trap.

Trump hung NAFTA around Bill and Hillary Clinton's necks. Biden voted for NAFTA and TPP. We'll soon see if...

Curtis Ellis May 1, 2019


How President Trump's legal team outfoxed Mueller

Will Chamberlain May 1, 2019

Yes, There WAS An Attempted Coup Against Trump

There was never any collusion between Trump and Russia, and these officials likely knew that all along. That...

Jack Posobiec May 1, 2019

EXCLUSIVE - Donald Trump Jr: Don't Risk The 2nd Amendment by Voting Democrat

If, Heaven forbid, one of these 2nd Amendment deniers were to win the White House in 2020, he or she would...

Donald Trump Jr. April 30, 2019

The Harvard Uprising, 50 Years Later

The legacy of 1969 in Boston is wretched. But it turned me into a conservative.

Daniel Pipes April 30, 2019

Swamp on the Road: Austin Crony Capitalists Betray Trump’s Energy Agenda

For the sake of Texas taxpayers, let’s hope that the Texas House rejects cronyism and corporate welfare and...

Andy Surabian April 30, 2019

WATCH: AG Barr Outmanoeuvred Mueller

Human Events publisher Will Chamberlain spoke with One America News' Jack Posobiec about the Mueller report...

Human Events April 23, 2019

Two Thirds of Liberals Say U.S. Border is 'Crisis' or 'Serious Problem'

A poll has revealed that two in three self-identified liberals believe the U.S. border is either facing a...

Human Events April 1, 2019

VID - Kassam: Big Tech is a Monopoly That Needs Smashing

Watch Human Events’s Global Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam discuss tech censorship with Tucker Carlson on...

Human Events March 12, 2019

Income Hunting: Why Yield Matters (And How to Lock It In)

Hilary Kramer discusses how to find stocks that provide investors with high yields.

Human Events Archive February 22, 2019

The U.S. Economy Is NOT Slowing Down, Business Spending Soars!

Dr. Mark Skousen discusses how the U.S. economy is not slowing down as business spending is continuing to...

Human Events Archive February 22, 2019