Big Stick Cyber Policy.

Joe Biden must reverse his “speak harshly, carry a small stick” approach to Russia.

Caleb Larson July 1, 2021

A Letter to Team USA.

Olympic excellence, American pride, and the performance of virtue.

Adam Ellwanger June 30, 2021

The Centrist Type: A Study in Character (or Lack Thereof).

Moderation as ideology and “the middle” as fiction.

Adam Ellwanger June 28, 2021

No More Passing the Buck on Big Tech.

The GOP has a duty to stay the course and enact new antitrust laws that curb the power of Big Tech.

Alex Bruesewitz June 27, 2021

The Curious Case of the Secular Democrats of America.

The secularism of the Secular Democrats is a brave new faith all its own—one that wants to push religion...

Anastasiia Cherygova June 25, 2021

MSNBC Continues Its Meltdown Over Election Audits.

Chris Hayes calls for the jailing of those who continue to question the 2020 election results.

Francis P. Sempa June 22, 2021

UFO and UFO.

Identified trends in the unidentified flying objects saga.

Gary Gindler June 22, 2021

PRIDE Month as Reactionary Moralism.

Secular progressivism and the future of transgression.

Adam Ellwanger June 21, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Where Has the Party of Lake Wobegon Democrats Gone?

No longer the party of the "little guy," Democrats are now the party of "the man.”

Charlie Kirk June 17, 2021

The Arms Control Delusion Lives On.

The Biden administration believes that nuclear arms control is key to peace between nuclear states—more...

Francis P. Sempa June 17, 2021

Walking on Eggshells, Living on the Edge: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A first-hand account of life in Minneapolis.

Megan Bacigalupo June 14, 2021

Usurpers: Macbeth and the Tyranny of the Left.

For years, the left has used the figure of Macbeth to criticize President Trump—distracting us from their...

Jane Coleman June 11, 2021

Gascón, Garcetti, and the Tragedy of Los Angeles.

WWJW: what would Jack Webb say?

David Krayden June 10, 2021

The Recognition of Transgender Identity: Respect, Lies and Bullshit.

Transgender people are entitled to authenticity and truth—not paternalism, hollow words, or empty leftist...

R. Jordan June 9, 2021