Charlie Kirk: Where Has the Party of Lake Wobegon Democrats Gone?

No longer the party of the "little guy," Democrats are now the party of "the man.”

Charlie Kirk June 17, 2021

The Arms Control Delusion Lives On.

The Biden administration believes that nuclear arms control is key to peace between nuclear states—more...

Francis P. Sempa June 17, 2021

Walking on Eggshells, Living on the Edge: Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A first-hand account of life in Minneapolis.

Megan Bacigalupo June 14, 2021

Usurpers: Macbeth and the Tyranny of the Left.

For years, the left has used the figure of Macbeth to criticize President Trump—distracting us from their...

Jane Coleman June 11, 2021

Gascón, Garcetti, and the Tragedy of Los Angeles.

WWJW: what would Jack Webb say?

David Krayden June 10, 2021

The Recognition of Transgender Identity: Respect, Lies and Bullshit.

Transgender people are entitled to authenticity and truth—not paternalism, hollow words, or empty leftist...

R. Jordan June 9, 2021

Lessons From 2012: Bush, Trump, Voter Demographics, and the Future of the GOP.

How Donald Trump defied the conventional wisdom of the political mainstream to expand the Republican base.

J. Allen Cartwright June 8, 2021

An Invented Insurrection.

How the left is trying to criminalize conservatism.

Jim Hanson June 5, 2021

David French Attempts To Revive the Dead Consensus.

His book, Divided We Fall, fails to grasp why the conservative movement has left him behind.

Daniel Addison June 4, 2021

Charlie Kirk: Hold That Vacation!

In 2021, conservatives need summer school.

Charlie Kirk June 4, 2021

‘Open-Border’ Biden’s Policies Have Turned Every State Into a Border State.

A surge in Fentanyl trafficking and rampant illegal immigration is affecting every state in the nation—not...

David Krayden June 3, 2021

The FDA’s J&J Vaccine ‘Pause’ Protected Bureaucrats, Not Patients.

Regulators’ precipitous action slowed the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

Henry I. Miller, M.S., M.D. June 2, 2021

The Media’s 180 on the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory.

The mainstream media has gone from “Wuhan Lab Theory” denial to “Wuhan Lab Theory”...

David Krayden June 1, 2021

Honoring America’s Heroes on Memorial Day.

We honor those who stood on the frontlines for freedom and gave their lives to defend the United States of...

Ambassador Callista L. Gingrich and Speaker Newt Gingrich May 31, 2021

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