Will Chamberlain Appears on 'The Charlie Kirk Show' to Discuss GameStop, Big Tech and the GOP

On the Saturday episode of the Charlie Kirk Show, host Charlie Kirk and Human Events Editor-in-Chief Will...

Human Events Staff February 8, 2021

Why I voted for Donald Trump From Abroad.

This is a decisive moment for America, and our voice matters more than ever.

Emma Freire November 3, 2020

The War on Both Sides of the Atlantic.

Donald Trump has proven that it is possible to halt the regressive and radical left—Europeans should take...

Jorge Buxadé November 2, 2020

The Case for an American Alberta.

Annexing the oil-rich Canadian province could solve its many woes.

Connor Wielgos October 27, 2020

Spain is Undergoing Regime Change.

Will Spaniards wake up to the threat?

Jorge González-Gallarza Hernández October 19, 2020

Our Use of Nuclear Weapons 75 Years Ago Was a Moral and Strategic Imperative.

Invading Japan was not a serious option. Neither was a negotiated peace. 

Henry I. Miller, M.S., M.D. August 5, 2020

The Case for the G10 Alliance.

To restore the global balance of power, Washington should seek to expand the G7.

Sukhayl Niyazov July 2, 2020

Brazilian Man Bad.

The media’s coverage of Jair Bolsonaro is just as awful as their coverage of President Trump.

Emma Freire June 8, 2020

Why Washington Shouldn’t Worry About Its Debt to China.

China will be the first to lose from selling U.S. Treasuries.

Sukhayl Niyazov May 27, 2020

Greenland Will Help Make America Great Again.

President Trump hasn’t forgotten about the sparsely populated island.

Gavin Wax May 14, 2020

The Coronavirus Shines a Spotlight on Britain’s NHS Worship.

Forget the Church of England - the United Kingdom’s real state religion is the mythology of their health...

Emma Freire May 11, 2020

Americans Celebrated VE-Day 75 Years Ago. Could We Do It Again?

It’s not obvious that our country could unify against Communist China.

David Krayden May 8, 2020

After Laying Down the Law on the WHO, Trump Should Take Aim at the UN.

It’s time for these international institutions to pay heed to American interests.

Gavin Wax April 18, 2020

American Media Is Amplifying Chinese Propaganda.

Journalists are so mad at President Trump that they’ll publish anything to hurt him.

Nicholas Guy April 6, 2020