Toward a Woke Metaphysics.

The left’s secret affair with transcendent truth.

Adam Ellwanger December 15, 2020

Why I Still Care.

Politics, Pro Wrestling, and the New World Order.

Adam Ellwanger November 17, 2020

Honor Remains, Despite the Desecration of Law Enforcement Memorials.

Preserving the memory of fallen officers in public places is essential.

Richard Kolb October 29, 2020

Dear Bruce Springsteen: Here Is My Letter to You.

A few questions—and an invitation—to an all-American artist.

Brent Hamachek October 22, 2020

Why Are Most Examples Of American Racism From The Past?

It is time to have an honest conversation about our country’s monumental racial progress.

Parker Beauregard October 16, 2020

Social Media Outrage is Killing People.

When a tide of outrage drowns the truth, violence reigns.

Ian Miles Cheong October 10, 2020

The Self-Immolation of Sports Television.

Why is ESPN letting Max Kellerman bully their fans and broadcast political propaganda?

Jack Capizzi October 6, 2020

One Billion Americans: The Endgame of the Center-Left.

Why Matthew Yglesias’s new book is the future for the Democratic Party.

Ash Staub October 3, 2020

Far From Being “Dead,” True Marxism Is Very Much Alive.

The modern American left is more Marxist than the Soviet Union.

Charlie Kirk September 26, 2020

Talking Until (Because) They’re Blue in the Face.

Late-night hosts have traded humor for DNC talking points.

David Krayden September 22, 2020

Wartime Conservatives Against Appeasement.

A response to Cathy Young and Shadi Hamid.

Daniel Addison September 21, 2020

Homing the Homeless Through Hate Crime Statutes?

In their never-ending quest for hate crimes, progressive advocates may soon find a new constituency.

Jorge González-Gallarza Hernández September 18, 2020

The Academy’s New Diversity Rules Spell the End of Creativity.

The charade is over: “Best Picture” no longer means best picture. 

David Krayden September 15, 2020

Cuties: The Profanation of Creativity.

You don’t need to sexually exploit children to criticize sexually exploiting children.

Lauren Southern September 14, 2020

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