FCC net neutrality regulations include one really scary sentence

At long last, the FCC has released its 400-page tome of net neutrality regulations. One sentence alone...

Yaël Ossowski March 13, 2015

No one in government knows knows how to use email ??? except Hillary Clinton

A public probing of Clinton???s email set-up has revealed a staggering ignorance on the part of government...

Yaël Ossowski March 10, 2015

Top GOP contenders seek to change nation's tune on immigration

How these top leaders will fare in debates if they decide to pursue the path to the White House is uncertain,...

Yaël Ossowski March 2, 2015

It???s here: FCC adopts net neutrality, first significant Internet regulation

???This is a big deal."

Yaël Ossowski February 27, 2015

Has the tide turned against the FCC???s plan for regulating the Internet?

Whether the public knows it or not, the Internet is set to face its biggest transformation yet.

Yaël Ossowski February 24, 2015

Mark Cuban: FCC control of Internet ???scares the sh*t out of me???

???Net neutrality is just a demonization of big companies."

Yaël Ossowski February 23, 2015

States don???t want illegal immigrants, but could they need them?

The states who filed a lawsuit claimed such an action would cause ???undue burden??? to their finances.

Yaël Ossowski February 20, 2015

Does the NSA have a spy in your hard drive?

A Russian security firm claims to have uncovered a major tool used to rewrite hard drives and collect all...

Yaël Ossowski February 19, 2015

FCC commissioner: If you like the IRS, you???ll love net neutrality

Tom Wheeler has at last deposited the formal proposal to reclassify Internet as a public utility and subject...

Yaël Ossowski February 10, 2015

Net neutrality proponents use cat memes to spread message

Net neutrality: an idea so serious it takes Internet cat memes to convey.

Yaël Ossowski February 5, 2015

Internet crusader Al Franken rakes in cash from cable giant

The Democrat is raking in the cash.

Yaël Ossowski November 24, 2014

Obama issues credit card industry bailout by executive order

The credit card industry got a huge boost from President Obama last month.

Yaël Ossowski November 10, 2014

Tom Steyer wants to ???penalize people??? who add to ???climate risk???

???If we can get this right, I think there???s no doubt that our economy is going to continue to do very...

Yaël Ossowski July 2, 2014