Articles by William Murchison

Mr. Murchison, a nationally syndicated columnist, serves as contributing editor for The Lone Star Report, editor for Foundations (the largest traditional publication in the Episcopal Church), contributing editor for Human Life Review, and corresponding editor for Chronicles.

Big Brother Is Paying You

William Murchison March 24, 2009

Thanksgiving 2008

William Murchison November 25, 2008

So Here's What We Do, Gang

Advice for conservatives in the Age of Obama.1. What is, is. Don't waste valuable time with rehashes of how...

William Murchison November 11, 2008

The Obama Moment

There is, as duly reported, a tide in the affairs of men, and Barack Obama rides it: hardly dampening his...

William Murchison October 21, 2008

Politics and Religion

Over in Pennsylvania, Barack Obama was saying of Hillary Clinton, "She seems to have a habit of saying...

William Murchison April 22, 2008

The Bad News and the Good

Here comes the Pope, whose disposition for bad news, one may hope, is a strong one, inasmuch as the U.S....

William Murchison April 16, 2008

The Sound Bite War

The sound bite presidential campaign of Barack Obama -- working to transform itself into the sound bite...

William Murchison April 8, 2008

The Regulation Blues

The emerging theme is regulation, as in, don't we need more of it? Democrats certainly think we do. Treasury...

William Murchison April 1, 2008

Playing the Race Canard

It being a free country and all, no one has to have a "conversation" he doesn't want to have, a...

William Murchison March 25, 2008

No Week for Weak Candidates

There is perhaps one advantage worth noting in having a long, looong presidential campaign: You get to see...

William Murchison March 18, 2008

American's Senior Moment

The joke's on the jokesters -- the late-night comics punching away at John McCain for the unforgivable...

William Murchison March 11, 2008

The Government and the Marketplace

We may not know precisely, we Americans, what we want the next president to do about energy prices. What we...

William Murchison March 5, 2008

Portrait in Stained Glass

God only knows how it came to this. Just 78.4 percent of Americans currently profess affiliation with a...

William Murchison February 26, 2008

Checking Out Obama

The Obama Express hurtles through the night, flattening skeptics and, with especial relish, Clintonites. But...

William Murchison February 20, 2008