Wayne Allyn Root: New GDP numbers 'pure fraud' and 'scam'

There???s very good reason to believe that the supposed 4% GDP spike is not real.

Wayne Allyn Root July 31, 2014

The Obama Jobs Plan:
Hire Criminals?

If there was any doubt that Obama is hostile to business and out to damage capitalism, this story should...

Wayne Allyn Root July 1, 2013

The Conservative Plan for Immigration Reform

If Democrats want the 12 million illegal immigrants already here to stay, I say ???YES.??? But only if...

Wayne Allyn Root June 25, 2013

The Phony Baloney Jobs Report

This is what stagnation looks like.

Wayne Allyn Root June 7, 2013

Why Did I Know More About Benghazi Than the National Media?

How bizarre is the Benghazi scandal?

Wayne Allyn Root May 16, 2013

Relentless: A Mother???s Lesson In Survival

Stella Root defined relentless.

Wayne Allyn Root May 10, 2013

Wayne Root: The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide

Wayne Allyn Root May 8, 2013

What the Boston terror attack says about the U.S. economy

The saga of the Boston bombers highlights several different threats to our economy.

Wayne Allyn Root May 7, 2013

What Obama Has in common with the Gambino Crime Family

How the president steals your money?

Wayne Allyn Root April 29, 2013

Root: Obama wants your guns

The president wants to ban guns, while the government stockpiles.

Wayne Allyn Root April 21, 2013

Save America with Wild West Cowboy Capitalism

Texas. The solution.

Wayne Allyn Root April 17, 2013

Obama???s plan hatched at Columbia University

Classmate at prestigious university says it all started back then.

Wayne Allyn Root April 14, 2013