Majority Rule Equals Tyranny

It is alleged that Hillary Clinton won a popular vote majority. Therefore, if the nation were not burdened...

Walter Williams December 7, 2016

Blacks and Politicians

Donald Trump's surprise win has millions of Americans, many of whom are black, in a tizzy.

Walter Williams November 16, 2016

The Rich and Us

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, having a net worth of $81.8 billion, and CEO Jeff Bezos, having a...

Walter Williams November 2, 2016

Dumb American Youth

Do you wonder why Sen. Bernie Sanders and his ideas are so popular among American college students?

Walter Williams October 26, 2016

Freedom to Work

If a person wants to go into business as a taxicab owner, what requirements should be imposed to protect the...

Walter Williams October 24, 2016

A Constitutional Right to Literacy

Detroit school students, represented by the Los Angeles-based public interest firm Public Counsel, filed suit...

Walter Williams October 12, 2016

Discrimination and Segregation

I was invited, along with several other American professors, to deliver lectures at South Africa's University...

Walter Williams October 3, 2016

Transgenderism Can Be Helpful

North Carolina's legislative body passed the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, which mandates a...

Walter Williams September 28, 2016

Cruelty to Black Students

Last year's college news was about demands for safe spaces, trigger warnings and bans on insensitivity. This...

Walter Williams September 21, 2016

Academic Giants and Dwarfs

The University of Chicago's president, Dr. Robert J. Zimmer, wrote a Wall Street Journal article, titled...

Walter Williams September 14, 2016

Corrupt Academics and the Media

So much for the "legacy of slavery" argument.

Walter Williams September 7, 2016

Economic Conspiracies

A general economic principle is that any law or regulation that restricts market entry tends to impose the...

Walter Williams August 31, 2016

College Campus Lunacy

As the fall semester begins, parents, students, taxpayers and donors should be made aware of official college...

Walter Williams August 24, 2016

The Decline of Civility

One of the unavoidable consequences of youth is the tendency to think behavior we see today has always been.

Walter Williams August 22, 2016