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Todd Manzi is a frequent contributor to Human Events. He lives in Mosinee Wisconsin and writes most passionately about media bias, the Constitution, education, supply-side economics and out-of-control Congressional Spending. He can be contacted through his website (

National Strategy for Victory in Iraq

Here is the important document the President referenced in his speech today.  Any debates regarding the...

mmanzi November 30, 2005

Cpl. Jeffrey Starr

Michelle Malkin’s influence made it into the President’s speech today.  President Bush read...

mmanzi November 30, 2005

That's My Story and I'm Sticking to It

The seven posts below form a 7,500 plus word argument that the Associated Press and MSM have provided unfair...

mmanzi November 23, 2005

The First Amendment in Crawford

Protesters in Crawford have been arrested.  This is going to lead to a discussion on the First...

mmanzi November 23, 2005

An Objective Dispatch from the AP

So far, so good.  Angela Brown’s first dispatch on the arrests in Crawford today objectively...

mmanzi November 23, 2005

AP's Deb Riechmann Sidesteps Questions About Her Antiwar Bias

Associated Press reporter Deb Riechmann doesn’t want to talk to me. I left messages and sent emails. I...

mmanzi November 21, 2005

Hoping for Revenge

The Democrats whined Friday that the Republicans weren’t playing fair when they held a vote on the...

mmanzi November 20, 2005

Murtha's Logic is Fundamentally Flawed

On NBC's "Meet the Press," Rep. John Murtha (D.-Pa.) had the opportunity to explain the rationale...

mmanzi November 20, 2005

Is Sen. Biden Lying?

Sen. Joe Biden is either forgetful or he is lying. On Fox News Sunday he responded to a question regarding...

mmanzi November 20, 2005

Email Your Newspaper and Talk Radio Station

Following is an email I sent to my local paper and talk radio station Saturday. My premise is that if we can...

mmanzi November 19, 2005

Furious Dems Didn't Think GOP Would Take Murtha at His Word

Democrats are furious because of the GOP stunt to take Rep. John Murtha at his word and have the vote he...

mmanzi November 19, 2005

Media Bias in Small-Town Wisconsin

The reach of the AP’s antiwar bias is powerful. AP Writer Liz Sidoti’s November 17th dispatch...

mmanzi November 18, 2005

RE: Why is Talk Radio Conservative?

The thing I like most about Mondays is reading Mac Johnson’s columns.  He always does a great job...

mmanzi November 14, 2005

I??¢â???¬â???¢m Playing Offense

I’m going beyond writing about media bias this week.  I’m taking an active roll to try to...

mmanzi November 14, 2005

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