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The Fox and Rice Experience is for entertainment purposes only, even though it's not all that amusing. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead is purely intentional. If offended, seek treatment for Humorless Liberal Syndrome. Side effects of HLS may include headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal vision and in some cases, death. To avoid long term injuries, seek immediate medical help if you experience Liberalism lasting longer than 4 hours. Ask your doctor if FRX is right for you. Follow them on Facebook here.

Audio: Sex Men - No Class

The Sex-Men are a Superhero team that we wish we never knew...but then again, we're the big dummies who...

eexperience June 3, 2011

AUDIO: Kate Marries Prince Willy and America Struggles to Care

Alas, Kate Middleton is being taken off of the dating market, sadly, another one bites the dust.

eexperience April 29, 2011

AUDIO: Donald Trump for President!

We're sick of the stuffy, polite, Gimlet-drinking fancy people of Washington D.C., who forget what a self...

eexperience April 21, 2011

AUDIO: News In a World Without a Katie

CBS is such an utter mess that maybe it's run out of the Sober Valley Lodge.

eexperience April 6, 2011

AUDIO: Epic Winning At The Sober Valley Lodge

Charlie Sheen has become a modern day Dionysus, delivering to us humans each day a new installment of...

eexperience March 11, 2011

The Most Liberal Time Of The Year!

AUDIO: December is no sanctuary from the silliness of Liberalism.

eexperience December 29, 2010

X-MAS SONG: Mele Kaliki Bama

Time to kick up your feet with a pina colada and enjoy Obama's favorite Christmas song.

eexperience December 24, 2010

X-MAS CLASSIC: Carol of the Barneys

Who's been playing Secret Santa with Congressman Barney Frank?

eexperience December 21, 2010

X-MAS SONG: He One King...Named Larry

Good night, sweet wrinkled prince, this song's for you!

eexperience December 16, 2010

X-MAS SONG: I Saw Bubba Kissing Everyone

Click the player to experience the true meaning of a stocking stuffer!

eexperience December 14, 2010

X-MAS SONG: O Tannenbama

Where does The Bama go when it's too cold to golf on Sundays?

eexperience December 10, 2010

X-Mas Classic: Biden The Plugs Man

He's gallivanting, dancing and singing all around DC!

eexperience December 8, 2010

'(I'm Dreamin Of A) Scientology Christmas'

We've taken a moment to unzip, and take a 'WikiLeak' all over Xenu.

eexperience December 6, 2010

X-Mas Classic: The Nancy Song

We've chosen to ruin a classic Christmas song to express our love for the first ex-female Speaker of the...

eexperience December 3, 2010