Why California Environmentalists Hate Water

Environmentalists don???t really care about an endangered bait fish. California???s war over water is about...

Steven Greenhut December 1, 2015

Cops Now Take More Than Robbers

New findings show asset forfeiture a growing attack on property rights

Steven Greenhut November 24, 2015

Gov. Brown's Arrogant Response to Oil Scandal

Administration claims any member of public would get similar service

Steven Greenhut November 17, 2015

Wage Measures Ignore a Dismal Reality

Unions sponsor dueling propositions to raise pay minimum to $15.

Steven Greenhut November 10, 2015

More Trouble for Jerry Brown's Rail Boondoggle

One of the biggest problems with Gov. Jerry Brown???s efforts to battle climate change is the ???do or die???...

Steven Greenhut November 4, 2015

Should Legislators Ride Hobby Horses?

Politicians need a broader conception of what it means to do public's business

Steven Greenhut October 27, 2015

Effort Targets Backroom Capitol Deals

72-hour rule initiative will help citizens peek over legislators shoulders

Steven Greenhut October 20, 2015

Good News on Electronic-Privacy Front

Despite past vetoes, Gov. Brown OKs law that requires a warrant

Steven Greenhut October 13, 2015

Does Bill Grant License to Vote Illegally?

Automatic 'motor voter' registration designed to boost voter rolls.

Steven Greenhut October 6, 2015

Pension Problems Have Not Gone Away

Stockton???s ongoing struggles offer lessons for rest of state

Steven Greenhut September 30, 2015

Choice is Better than 'War on Truancy'

School-attendance effort echoes flawed zero-tolerance strategy.

Steven Greenhut September 24, 2015

Forget Justice: Government Just Wants Money

SACRAMENTO ??? The justice system is supposed to be about, well, justice. It???s why district attorneys are...

Steven Greenhut September 15, 2015

Unions Prep for End to Mandatory Dues

'Orientation' bill is first pre-emptive strike against Supreme Court

Steven Greenhut September 9, 2015

State is Slow to Approve Water Projects

Good news for desalination, but El Niño still is our best bet

Steven Greenhut September 1, 2015