The Government Plantation Forever?

Insurance mandate will raise cost of healthcare.

Star Parker March 30, 2010

Protect Us, Don't Expropriate Us

There is a direct correlation between the extent to which a country is economically free and how prosperous...

Star Parker September 27, 2008

Gays in the Military: What Would George Washington Think?

"Gays in the military" is more than a question of military morale. It's about the character of this country...

Star Parker July 21, 2008

GOP should reflect on Reagan's Berlin Wall speech, 21 years later

For conservatives and Republicans who are wondering what in the world happened to their party, we should...

Star Parker June 17, 2008

Obama's life story is a Republican one

The words we're hearing most during this presidential campaign are "historic" and...

Star Parker June 7, 2008

Is Obama really the man blacks need?

It appears that Barack Obama has survived a tough couple of weeks. In the words of some, he's shown that...

Star Parker May 12, 2008

McCain is right on health care

A gold star to John McCain for his just released plan for reforming American health care.Analysts will pick...

Star Parker May 5, 2008

Paying Tribute to King's Legacy

On April 4, 1968, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. walked out on a motel balcony in Memphis, Tenn., and was...

Star Parker April 5, 2008

An Open Letter to John McCain

Can Senator McCain reach out to conservatives?

Star Parker March 29, 2008

How McCain Can Stay in The News

According to Karl Rove, the dragged-out affair in the Democratic Party will hurt McCain.

Star Parker March 8, 2008

How about some campaign talk about education?

A new study shows the central importance of education in getting ahead in our country today.

Star Parker March 1, 2008

A 'Yes, We Can' Plan with Beef

With the wide public sympathy today for "cleaning up Washington," it's too bad that more attention hasn't...

Star Parker February 25, 2008

Republican Challenges and the Politics of Unity

What does unity really mean in this day and age?

Star Parker February 18, 2008

Clinton Plays the Race Card

Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, in their first one-on-one debate, in Los Angeles, were asked...

Star Parker February 2, 2008