Boehner: In our hearts we know it is wrong to pass on this debt to our kids and grandkids

WASHINGTON ??? Following is the full text of House Speaker John Boehner???s (R-Ohio) address to the opening...

Speaker John Boehner January 3, 2013

Exclusive to Human Events: GOP pushing new energy and jobs bill

Radical change from past pork-laden highway bills.

Speaker John Boehner February 8, 2012

Troops Deserve Credit for Iraq Progress

HE Exclusive | The administration is taking credit for ending the combat mission in Iraq, made possible by...

Speaker John Boehner August 27, 2010

The Democrats' Drill-Nothing Congress Going Home

While Democratic leaders may be running away from an American energy vote in Washington, they simply will not...

Speaker John Boehner August 1, 2008

Increase American-Made Energy to Reduce Gas Prices

This is a fight worth having.

Speaker John Boehner June 13, 2008

With Key IRS Deadline Looming Tomorrow, Democrats Set to Delay Tax Refunds for 50 Million Americans

The Democratic Congress isn't looking out for the American people

Speaker John Boehner November 15, 2007

Capitol Flag Controversy Reaffirms We Are One Nation Under God

The American people have grown weary of endless attempts by politicians and bureaucrats to bar the word God...

Speaker John Boehner October 15, 2007

BREAKING: House Republicans Want Professional Investigators to Look into Stolen Vote

Republican Leader John Boehner's letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Speaker John Boehner September 7, 2007

Republicans Will Hold Democrats Accountable for Stolen Illegal Immigration Vote

House Republican Leader John Boehner on how the integrity of the House will be restored

Speaker John Boehner September 5, 2007

The Stolen Vote

House Minority Leader...

Speaker John Boehner August 7, 2007

House GOP Forces Democrats to Back Down on Unaccountable Tax Hikes

This week, House Republicans were united in backing down an attempt by Democrats to rewrite House rules to...

Speaker John Boehner May 17, 2007

Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Affirmed

Court decision offers a ray of hope

Speaker John Boehner April 19, 2007

Democrats' Payoff to Big Labor Comes at the Expense of American Workers

Americans aggressively guard not only their right to vote, but their right to a private ballot.  Whether...

Speaker John Boehner February 28, 2007

Common Ground on Fiscal Responsibility

Bush's proposals deserve fair hearing in Congress

Speaker John Boehner January 24, 2007