'Squash Amash' Rally Takes Aim at Michigan's Anti-Trump GOP Rep

Michigan's Trump-supporting Republicans – exasperated with Congressman Justin Amash's repeated attacks on...

Sofia Carbone June 15, 2019

School's Purpose is Indoctrination.

It is time to hold the left and academia accountable for their blatant propaganda. Not just teachers and...

Sofia Carbone June 11, 2019

Kassam: Trump UK Visit Was '10 Out of 10'

Discussing Khan's record, Kassam noted that as a lawyer Khan represented known-antisemite Louis Farrakhan.

Sofia Carbone June 5, 2019

WATCH: Chamberlain Talks Big Tech Antitrust Investigations.

"In the case of both Facebook and Google there is a pretty good case to be made that they are in fact...

Sofia Carbone June 5, 2019

Melania Trump: A Quintessential Female Icon.

You couldn't find a better female icon than First Lady Melania Trump: an immigrant who came to America to...

Sofia Carbone June 4, 2019

Dodgeball is 'an Unethical Tool of Oppression', Say Academics

This week, three education theorists will present the premise that dodgeball is “miseducative” and...

Sofia Carbone June 3, 2019

Cardillo: Human Events 'Doing Well', Bill Kristol 'Irrelevant'

"Bill Kristol's new venture, this moronic Bulwark, might as well be The Atlantic or a left-wing publication....

Sofia Carbone May 29, 2019

Kassam on Laura Ingraham: 'Biden is a Disgrace' for Attacking 'Naked Nationalism'

"This man is a disgrace," Raheem Kassam told Laura Ingraham on Fox News on Tuesday night, launching into a...

Sofia Carbone May 29, 2019

Kassam: New EU Parliament Can Create Havoc Across Europe

Global Editor-in-Chief of Human Events Raheem Kassam was a guest on Ed Martin’s podcast ‘The Movement,’...

Sofia Carbone May 29, 2019

Kassam Banned From Facebook on UK Election Day.

This is not the first time Kassam has been suspended from Facebook - it's the third time this year.

Sofia Carbone May 24, 2019

Does 'Impeach Trump' Amash Have Financial Interests in China?

Republican Representative from Michigan Justin Amash's calls for President Trump's impeachment may be...

Sofia Carbone May 20, 2019

Salvini: 'Extremists' Are Those Who've Governed Europe in the Name of Finance, Multinationalism, Mass Migration.

He goes on to describe Europe as "one of the most beautiful dreams hypothesized by the founding fathers. The...

Sofia Carbone May 20, 2019

Buzzfeed Bashes 14-Yr-Old Trump Fan, Celebrates Kids in Drag.

Since the article on Buzzfeed, the 14-year-old's channel has gained a further 100,000 subscribers, and is...

Sofia Carbone May 19, 2019

Trump's Man in Berlin Wants ZERO Budget Increase for Embassy.

The federal government doesn't always have to grow. In fact, it probably should always be looking to shrink.

Sofia Carbone May 17, 2019