The Private Sector Solves Problems - Government Exacerbates and Creates Them

The seven years of the President Barack Obama Administration have provided us with two diametrically opposite...

Seton Motley November 23, 2015

Facebook Should Reverse Its Support of Government???s Net Neutrality Fantasy

Network Neutrality is a unilateral and completely unnecessary government-intrusion-and-imposition on the...

Seton Motley November 16, 2015

HRC and the Left Loathe Businesses - Why Are Republicans Helping Undermine Them?

The Left loathes business and businesses. But business and businesses are mere symptoms of the disease they...

Seton Motley October 20, 2015

ObamaCare Co-Ops??? Fail: Government Has No Business Being in Business

Government is an inherently failed entity. It always is - it always will be.

Seton Motley October 19, 2015

Congress Should Impeach EPA Head Gina McCarthy - And Then a Whole Bunch of Other Bureaucrats

The national Republican Party is currently in the midst of a slow-motion train wreck. Their presidential...

Seton Motley September 29, 2015

DC???s Latest Self-Inflicted ???Crisis??? - We Run Out of Budget on October 1

Washington, D.C. is a dysfunctional mess. Just about nothing gets done unless it absolutely has to get done....

Seton Motley September 28, 2015

Google - the Funding Father of Net Neutrality - Now Plotting to Violate Net Neutrality

Being Leftist means never having to say you???re sorry. Being a huge Barack Obama-Democrat donor doesn???t...

Seton Motley September 15, 2015

Democrats Want Big Government Crony Socialism - Why Are Some Republicans Giving It to Them?

Look, we get why Democrats want to use the giant-ness of the federal government to punish their enemies and...

Seton Motley July 8, 2015

Government Crushes People - Then Writes Them Checks

No one or nothing produces more garbage than government. And their trash has nowhere to go except all over...

Seton Motley July 7, 2015

Words Used to Mean Things - Then Came Government

We are a nation founded upon and (allegedly) governed by words. Beginning with - specifically,...

Seton Motley July 6, 2015

After the Power Grabs: Gov Doesn't Care What Happens to Us - It???s On to the Next Grabs

How many times has government royally messed up something? And not fired anyone? Or done anything that...

Seton Motley June 22, 2015

Crony Socialism: Governments All Over the World Are Messing Up a Free Trade Market

To quote the late, inordinately great Ronald Reagan, ???Government is not the solution to our problem -...

Seton Motley June 9, 2015

The Amtrak Crash: When Government is Ideological Instead of Lawful and Logical

Last week???s deadly Amtrak crash was absolutely horrendous.

Seton Motley May 18, 2015

Yet Again, Government Screws Up - And Tries to Blame the Private Sector

Government is terrible at???well, pretty much everything. The examples are legion - and myriad.

Seton Motley April 30, 2015