Letter of California: Feinstein???s Shot-heard-round-the-world

Feinstein is a fanatic opponent of personal self-defense, so it follows she wants to disarm America against...

Susan Calloway Knowles December 14, 2014

Letter from California: Former LA school district head in hot water

Deasy claimed that he had intentionally removed himself from the bidding process because he owns stock in...

Susan Calloway Knowles December 7, 2014

Letter from California: Battle for gun rights continues in San Diego County, Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale's ban on 10-round magazines could be struck down before San Francisco and Los Angeles pass their...

Susan Calloway Knowles November 30, 2014

Letter from California: Gov. Moonbeam lauds Obama's alien amnesty

Brown is no stranger to providing illegal immigrants with benefits, having signed a similar bill into law in...

Susan Calloway Knowles November 23, 2014

Letter from California: Residents brace as Prop 47 springs petty criminals

Lost in the election mix, California voted to release two-bit thugs and to reduce many felonies to...

Susan Calloway Knowles November 16, 2014

Letter from California: 'Protect Our Family' ruse another name for amnesty

Proposed new solution would keep the federal government from deporting illegal immigrants when the state of...

Susan Calloway Knowles November 9, 2014

Letter from California: 'Death to meth' prosecutor battles own crystal demons

Californians are witnesses the fall, rise and fall of a hero in the war on drug use.

Susan Calloway Knowles November 3, 2014

Letter from California: Senator FLOTUS would be political hell on earth

Michelle Obama could replace a retiring Dianne Feinstein in the Senate, extending our national nightmare six...

Susan Calloway Knowles November 3, 2014

Letter from California: Democrat lawmaker throws pricey party for himself

Another Democratic man of the people parties with the corporate elites.

Susan Calloway Knowles October 18, 2014

Letter from California: Sorry, Charlton, relatives take away guns with a phone call

New California law allows family members to strip one's gun rights with a phone call.

Susan Calloway Knowles October 12, 2014

Letter form California: A kinder, gentler approach to homelessness

When is a shanty not a shanty?

Susan Calloway Knowles October 4, 2014

Letter from California: Foster care system riddled with corruption

Audits show foster care funds spend on vacations, personal real estate and bloated payrolls.

Susan Calloway Knowles September 28, 2014

Letter from California: Bad things come in threes?

Three California Democrats stumble with legal troubles.

Susan Calloway Knowles September 21, 2014

Letter from California: Drugging the Golden State's children

It was further revealed that the state spends more on psychiatric drugs for foster children than on any other...

Susan Calloway Knowles September 14, 2014