Government Choosing Businesses for Preference or Punishment is Always Wrong

President Barack Obama has dramatically ramped up the Washington, D.C., giant Crony-fest.

Seton Motley November 18, 2015

Cronyism: For the Likes of Google, It is Really, REALLY Good to be a Friend of Obama

If President Barack Obama doesn???t like you - his government tends to make your life really, REALLY...

Seton Motley November 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton Misunderstands (Misrepresents?) How Government Pummels the Economy

Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democrat presidential nominee.

Seton Motley November 2, 2015

When Government Tries to Equalize Free Speech - We End Up With Zero Speech

The First Amendment reads (in part): ???Congress shall make no law???abridging the freedom of speech???.???...

Seton Motley October 26, 2015

Christopher Columbus??? Objective: FREE Trade Routes

Yesterday was a federal holiday. By that we mean: Government bureaucrats have the day off - the people who...

Seton Motley October 13, 2015

Typical DC: Patent Lawsuit ???Reform??? Will Lead to Many, MANY More Lawsuits

Under consideration in Washington, D.C. is legislation that will fundamentally transform our patent system. ...

Seton Motley September 24, 2015

The EPA Assaults the Private Sector - and the Environment

There are few things more dangerous to private enterprise than government bureaucrats with time on their...

Seton Motley September 1, 2015

How Google Can Rig Everything in Washington, D.C. - and Around the World

Let us ponder for a moment who and what Google is. Google has made tens of billions of dollars - being all up...

Seton Motley August 24, 2015

The Private Sector Giveth - and Government Taketh Away

It is - sadly, always - a clash of two titans. The private sector and government. There are claims made that...

Seton Motley August 4, 2015

Government Slowly Kills the Private Sector - And Blames the Victim for Its Sputtering Demise

One of the advantages Big Government advocates have in their efforts to end the private sector is the size of...

Seton Motley August 3, 2015

Why Are Republicans Resurrecting Uber-Failed Green Energy Subsidies?

Thank goodness we last November gave the Republicans the Senate majority.

Seton Motley July 21, 2015

Yet Again, the Left is Caught Fraudulently Faking Support for its Ridiculous Policies

Remember Russia???s Potemkin villages?

Seton Motley July 20, 2015

With Just About All Things Government, Less is More - and Better

Government is just another organism. Just like any other organism, its first priority is self-preservation....

Seton Motley June 16, 2015

Free Trade? Yes. Anti-Constitution, Anti-Transparency TPA/TPP? Definitely No

Flying under the free trade flag, many in DC are pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and fast-track...

Seton Motley June 4, 2015