A road map for real bipartisan tax reform

Op-ed: A truly balanced approach to the fiscal cliff would have to include major spending cuts and...

Sen. John Cornyn November 28, 2012

Updating our Commitment to Those Who Serve

Expressing our appreciation for military service on Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day.

Sen. John Cornyn May 19, 2008

Do House Democrats Take Terrorism Seriously?

This week, House Democrat leaders face a choice.

Sen. John Cornyn March 9, 2008

National Sovereignty: Protecting It

Texas Senator Jon Cornyn on LOST, the UN and Medellin

Sen. John Cornyn October 22, 2007

It's Time to Draw the Line

The now-infamous Moveon.org ad -- "General Petraeus or General Betray Us" -- marks a potential...

Sen. John Cornyn September 17, 2007

We Must Protect Private Property Rights

One year later: Kelo v. the city of New London

Sen. John Cornyn June 23, 2006

April 15 Without Forms and Headaches

Fair Tax Act would remove the complex tax burden

Sen. John Cornyn April 14, 2006

Life Along the Border Is No Longer Safe

Comprehensive reform is key to reducing violence

Sen. John Cornyn March 2, 2006

ExclusiveO'Connor Wins Democrats' Praise, but Would She Get Their Votes Today?

Alito isn't all that different from woman he's replacing

Sen. John Cornyn January 10, 2006

ExclusiveCourts Are to Blame for War on Christmas

Americans should celebrate their faith publicly

Sen. John Cornyn December 16, 2005

Dems Were for a Strong Troop Presence in Iraq??¢â???¬???Before They Were Against It

Sens. Kerry, Reed oppose President's Iraq strategy

Sen. John Cornyn November 30, 2005

Restore 5th Amendment Property Rights

There have been a number of controversial Supreme Court decisions in recent years, from the Lawrence decision...

Sen. John Cornyn July 1, 2005

Senate Democrats Distort 'Advice and Consent'

If you stay in Washington long enough, you see history repeat itself. Two years ago this month, while rumors...

Sen. John Cornyn June 27, 2005