Articles by Ross Kaminsky

Ross Kaminsky has been a professional derivatives trader for over 20 years. Ross is a fellow of the Heartland Institute and writes about political economy and current events at He also contributes to blogs for the National Taxpayers Union and FreedomWorks among others.

Left Has A Fingerpointing Field Day After Arizona Shootings

A concerted campaign to blame Tucson massacre on Tea Party, conservatives.

Ross Kaminsky January 10, 2011

"Open Internet Order"

Just a watered down, left-wing version of the "Net Neutrality" policy.

Ross Kaminsky December 9, 2010

The Economy Suffers, So The Fed Prints Money

Few things are more dangerous for economic stability than Federal Reserve policy.

Ross Kaminsky November 19, 2010

Wake Up Call for Capitalism

The type of systemic foreclosure fraud which we're learning about is like handing a powerful gun to opponents...

Ross Kaminsky October 20, 2010

Violent Video from Cult of Global Warming

Violent environmental video shows true color of the Green industry.

Ross Kaminsky October 10, 2010

Cult of the True Racists

A truly post-racial world poses a mortal threat to the income and influence of race hustlers like columnist...

Ross Kaminsky October 1, 2010

GOP Bid for Governor Imploding in Colorado

With Dan Maes on the ballot, Republicans see an opportunity for a gubernatorial pickup slipping away.

Ross Kaminsky September 8, 2010

Australians Elections Mirror U.S.

Labor Party's beating in the polls is precursor to what Democrats face in November.

Ross Kaminsky August 24, 2010

GOP in Disarray in Colorado Governors Race

GOP candidates are sinking in Colorado’s gubernatorial race. Will Tancredo jump in?

Ross Kaminsky July 28, 2010

Democrats Seek to Tax the Internet

Rep. Bill Delahunt’s bill would require that sales taxes be paid for items bought over the Internet.

Ross Kaminsky July 15, 2010

The Victimhood of Gen. McChrystal and Goldman Sachs

Gen. Stanley McChrystal and Goldman Sachs are both being portrayed as...

Ross Kaminsky July 9, 2010

Judge Decrees Demographic Election

City forced by judge to end "one man, one vote" to gain demographically desired result.

Ross Kaminsky June 22, 2010

Obama Sells Economic Snake Oil

President Obama tries not to let a good crisis go to waste, as he pushes a cap-and-trade energy tax in...

Ross Kaminsky June 16, 2010

Heartland Conference Gave Global-Warming Skeptics Great Ammunition

A recap of the conference lefties don't want you to go to.

Ross Kaminsky May 24, 2010