U.S. Bombs on Libya May Backfire

Judging from the jihadist sentiments of anti-Gaddafi rebels, we may accomplish with our Tomahawk missiles...

Robert Spencer March 22, 2011

King Hearings Shine Light on Muslim Evasion of Responsibility

The meltdown by the Left and its Muslim supremacist and mainstream media allies says it all: The congressman...

Robert Spencer March 15, 2011

Germany's Jihad Murders Point Up the West's Denial

The "lone wolf" who killed two American airmen in Frankfurt is not alone in his beliefs, and the free world...

Robert Spencer March 8, 2011

Obama's Democracy Delusions

All signs point toward fanatics, not freedom lovers, ascending in the Middle East, and the President's...

Robert Spencer March 1, 2011

Egypt's Islamic Supremacist is Man of the Hour

A Muslim cleric with worldwide appeal has become a populist star, and his Hitlerian Jew hatred and calls for...

Robert Spencer February 23, 2011

Democracy is a Relative Term

When the people of Egypt have spoken, the Free World just might not like what it hears.

Robert Spencer February 15, 2011

Obama's Muslim Brotherhood Ties

Our President has embraced this hostile and extremist organization in his own administration, so why would...

Robert Spencer February 8, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Poised for Power in Egypt

The ascendant Middle Eastern ideology is political Islam, of which the Muslim Brotherhood is a foremost...

Robert Spencer January 31, 2011

King's Hearings On Muslim Radicalization: Useless

What's happened to Peter King?

Robert Spencer January 25, 2011

A Jihad In Tunisia

Popular will may be the way to new woes.

Robert Spencer January 18, 2011

The Islamic Fantasy Zionist Jihad

Displaced blame and paranoia in church attack.

Robert Spencer January 11, 2011

Are Muslims Being Victimized In America Today?

When you CAIR enough to spin the very best.

Robert Spencer January 4, 2011

What Would It Take For You To Go On Jihad?

Mass murder wouldn't appeal to most people.

Robert Spencer December 28, 2010

Portland Jihad Bomber, Safe and Has Koran

Suicide by politically correct justice?

Robert Spencer December 21, 2010