Canada Wants To Send This Jihadi to College.

A Canadian court recently ruled against allowing a convicted jihadist to attend university, but it's only...

Robert Spencer July 22, 2019

Duke Prof: Islam Has 'Clear Emphasis on the Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life'

Just one problem: 1,400 years of history and present-day reality show that it doesn’t.

Robert Spencer July 14, 2019

Trump Didn't Start the Fire: Iran Has Craved War for Decades.

The Iranian regime has been begging for war with the United States for decades.

Robert Spencer June 25, 2019

Will Obama behead the Qur'an burners?

Madness has overtaken Washington, and the world...

Robert Spencer February 28, 2012

Underwear bomber disproves conventional wisdom about terrorism

Jihad is not a tool of the poor seeking to right social inequalities...

Robert Spencer February 21, 2012

Obama: Jimmy Carter's second term

Last week the Egyptian Government announced that it intends to put 19 Americans on trial for fomenting...

Robert Spencer February 14, 2012

Purple Heart for military victims of U.S. jihad attacks

The Obama administration's willful blindness about the jihad threat doesn't just make for bad policy.

Robert Spencer February 7, 2012

New York officials apologize for telling the truth

The mainstream media are doing all they can to whip up a frenzy about a recently released counter-terror...

Robert Spencer January 31, 2012

Good for Gingrich, who dares to disavow Sharia

The GOP front-runner shows wisdom in challenging an insidious Muslim agenda.

Robert Spencer January 24, 2012

As jihad plots multiply, DHS slumbers on

The Obama Administration continues to willfully ignore the obvious connection between Islam and jihad.

Robert Spencer January 17, 2012

Santorum more realistic than Romney and Paul on jihad

Rick Santorum may be the only GOP presidential candidate who realistically understands the threat of jihad.

Robert Spencer January 10, 2012

Jihad plotting persists in mosques

Recent findings reveal that only 19 percent of mosques in the U.S. do not teach jihad violence and/or Islamic...

Robert Spencer January 3, 2012

2011: The Islamic Supremacists Advance

The cause of freedom is by no means dead, but 2011 was a banner year for Islamic jihadists and supremacists...

Robert Spencer December 27, 2011

What Now for Iraq? Jihad.

A "stable and self-reliant" nation is not as likely as President Obama would have us think.

Robert Spencer December 20, 2011

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