Taking the meat axe to national security

A primer on a preventable crisis.

Robert Maginnis February 19, 2013

Obama gives short shrift to global affairs

Setting-up the nation for security and foreign policy failures in his second term.

Robert Maginnis February 13, 2013

The drone wars cometh

Does the Obama administration have ulterior motives?

Robert Maginnis February 11, 2013

Will Israeli attack bring U.S. into Syria fray?

A tipping point in the 22 month long civil war.

Robert Maginnis February 5, 2013

UPDATED: 6 ways North Korea is aiming at nuclear war

The latest test from Pyongyang Feb. 12 raises the stakes.

Robert Maginnis January 29, 2013

Africa unrest has Obama administration fingerprints

Thanks in part to misguided Libya war support.

Robert Maginnis January 22, 2013

America's post-2014 Afghanistan role must accomplish 3 things

President Obama's meeting with Afghan President Karzai raises the potential that Obama will seek to pull all...

Robert Maginnis January 15, 2013

Obama's options limited in dealing with North Korea

There are at least four policy courses of action available to the president to potentially deny North Korea...

Robert Maginnis January 8, 2013

Defense train wreck or reshaping opportunity?

We can???t afford to wait years to decide whether the dire predictions associated with the latest round of...

Robert Maginnis December 31, 2012

Obama -- not America -- needs Hagel for Defense

The former U.S. senator from Nebraska is not up to the task of shepherding the Pentagon for six important...

Robert Maginnis December 27, 2012

Palestine UN vote creates nothing but trouble

The Israeli-Palestinian dispute is intractable and the recent UN vote is more fool???s gold. With the ever...

Robert Maginnis December 3, 2012

Israel's Iron Dome exposes misguided US missile defense

Our nation needs a multi-layered missile defense capability vis-à-vis Israel. Our forward deployed...

Robert Maginnis November 23, 2012

America accepts Mideast risk for Asia-Pacific rebalance

Prioritizing interventions and calculating risk in Syria, Libya, Israel, is part of the Obama...

Robert Maginnis November 19, 2012

Has America partnered with al Qaeda in Syria?

The longer it takes for Assad to fall, the more difficult it will be to remove the Islamic extremists from...

Robert Maginnis November 13, 2012