Two GOP Reps Take a Stand to Defund ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood

Michele Bachmann and Steve King voted no on the two-week Continuing Resolution because it backed down from...

Robert Bluey March 3, 2011

Will the GOP Take a Timeout From Earmarks?

The stage is set for a showdown in the Senate over Sen. Jim DeMint’s earmark moratorium proposal.

Robert Bluey November 10, 2010

Earmark Moratorium Should Be GOP's Top Priority

Nothing fuels the passion of fiscal conservatives more than their dislike of pork-barrel projects.

Robert Bluey October 21, 2010

Pelosi's PAYGO Ploy

Pay-as-you-go budgeting has become a gimmick House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has used repeatedly to cover her...

Robert Bluey October 14, 2010

How-To Guide for Cleaning Up Obama's Mess

Heritage Foundation recommends 128 specific policy prescriptions for Congress to consider in 2011.

Robert Bluey August 20, 2010

Obama Politicizes Gulf Oil Spill

With little to gain in Louisiana -- a state he lost overwhelmingly in 2008 -- there's little chance of seeing...

Robert Bluey August 11, 2010

Missouri Voters Soundly Reject Obamacare

Voters approve ballot initiative to stop Obamacare’s individual mandate.

Robert Bluey August 4, 2010

Obama Outpaces Bush's Recess Appointments

Even Democrats don’t like President Obama’s circumventing Congress with his recess appointment of...

Robert Bluey July 12, 2010

Will Congress Kill Volunteer Fire Departments?

Bill would force volunteer firefighters to join unions.

Robert Bluey June 29, 2010

Jones Act Complicates Messy Situation for Obama

A House subcommittee will take up the issue of foreign vessel operations in U.S. waters.

Robert Bluey June 17, 2010

Stalin Sculpture a Bust at D-Day Memorial

National D-Day Memorial Foundation officials defend adding bust of Soviet dictator to display with FDR and...

Robert Bluey June 11, 2010

McCain's Global-Warming Plan Upsets Conservatives

Copies Economy-Weakening Warner-Lieberman Bill.

Robert Bluey May 22, 2008

Obama Signals Less Union Oversight

Obama’s support for ending federal oversight of the Teamsters is the clearest indication yet of how a...

Robert Bluey May 9, 2008

Democrats' Christmas Gift to Big Labor

Congress cuts union watchdog’s budget...

Robert Bluey December 24, 2007

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