Triple-digit oil prices may be a thing of the past, at least for a while

While a few energy experts expect a quick rebound, there???s a growing consensus we won???t see triple-digit...

Rob Nikolewski March 4, 2015

Climate scientists accuse Democrat of McCarthyism

???It???s just ridiculous.???

Rob Nikolewski March 4, 2015

How much oil does world consume a day? This much

World consumption has been on a steady rise for decades and neared 94 million barrels a day in 2014.

Rob Nikolewski March 3, 2015

Congressman wants to stick it to Saudis

The United States should charge the Saudi government a fee for the U.S. fleet that protects and patrols the...

Rob Nikolewski February 24, 2015

West Virginia oil derailment reignites debate over rail vs. pipelines

It???s also drawn into the fray the long-running battle over the Keystone XL pipeline.

Rob Nikolewski February 18, 2015

Waiting for a 2014 government mandate ??? in 2015

It seems to be another one of those ???only in Washington??? kind of things.

Rob Nikolewski February 10, 2015

The politics of the Keystone XL pipeline

More roadblocks are popping up to stop flow of oil from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico in the U.S.

Rob Nikolewski February 5, 2015

Why people are mad at the EPA???s methane rules

Call it the Great Methane Melee of 2015.

Rob Nikolewski February 4, 2015

A long, cold winter brings energy sticker shock to New England

Utility bills nearly quadrupled compared to this time last year.

Rob Nikolewski February 3, 2015

Rejected fracking ban may cost NM county ???hundreds of thousands??? in legal fees

The area is largely rural and hardly wealthy.

Rob Nikolewski January 30, 2015

Obama may try to bypass Congress on Alaska wilderness plan

President Obama has gone around Congress before, and it looks like he may try again, this time in Alaska.

Rob Nikolewski January 27, 2015

Not much ???energy??? in Obama???s State of the Union address

The word ???energy??? was uttered just twice as Obama quickly mentioned the country is ???number one in oil...

Rob Nikolewski January 22, 2015

As gas prices drop for record 16th straight week, state budgets scramble

Gasoline prices set a record Tuesday, dropping for the 16th consecutive week.

Rob Nikolewski January 21, 2015

Can California really hit a 50 percent renewables goal?

California Gov. Jerry Brown has set an ambitious new energy goal.

Rob Nikolewski January 19, 2015