Price statement on budget conference agreement

WASHINGTON, D.C. ??? Congressman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06), a member of the House and Senate budget conference...

Rep. Tom Price December 11, 2013

Empowering Patients First Act: The Solution to ObamaCare

This law would ensure coverage for all Americans, and end the debacle of regulations and roadblocks.

Rep. Tom Price October 10, 2011

Health Care: The Conservative Alternative in the House

Under this plan, there is no financial reason for a person to go without coverage.

Rep. Tom Price September 8, 2009

Obamacare Meltdown

Political activism isn’t only for liberals.

Rep. Tom Price August 12, 2009

We Can Win on Healthcare

What a conservative doctor orders...

Rep. Tom Price July 9, 2009

Waxman the Anchorman

Republicans have the answer; Waxman has an anchor for the U.S. economy.

Rep. Tom Price May 26, 2009

Judging the First 100 Days

Obama stimulates conservative resurgence.

Rep. Tom Price April 29, 2009

Time to Pick Up the Pieces

Republicans have better ideas; pity that Democrats won’t consider them

Rep. Tom Price April 6, 2009

CPAC 2009: 'Conservatism Is Far From Dead'

In the face of Democratic control of Congress and the White House, CPAC could be the most important gathering...

Rep. Tom Price February 27, 2009

Reform of the American Health Care System is Still Achievable

Without action by the end of this month, access to health care for our nation’s seniors will be put in...

Rep. Tom Price June 24, 2008


Despite impassioned pleas from House Republicans to meet the original bipartisan intent of SCHIP, the new...

Rep. Tom Price September 27, 2007

Freedom Should Not Take a Backseat to 'Fairness'

If ambiguous "fairness" is forced upon American consumers, the right of freedom that we cherish...

Rep. Tom Price June 28, 2007

DC Voting Rights Bill Circumvents Constitution

The Founding Fathers would be aghast at such brazen disregard in pursuit of a quick fix

Rep. Tom Price March 22, 2007

Democrats' Unconstitutional Power Grab

They want to give delegates ability to raise taxes

Rep. Tom Price January 23, 2007