The Clearest Political and Constitutional Thinker of Our Time

Few have done as much as Phyllis Schlafly to advance the cause of constitutional conservatism.

Rep. Steve King November 23, 2011

Remove Iowa Supreme Court Judges

Iowa Supreme Court's decision to allow same-sex marriage warrants removal of the judges.

Rep. Steve King October 14, 2010

Obama Violates Osama Oath

Why has the President stopped talking about defeating bin Laden and al Queda?

Rep. Steve King November 27, 2009

Democrats Continue to Protect ACORN

What are the Democrats afraid of?

Rep. Steve King June 19, 2009

Over 200 Formerly Frozen Embryos Have Been Adopted by Families

Obama stem-cell decision shows no respect for pro-life Americans.

Rep. Steve King March 16, 2009

Conservatives, Taxpayers and Kids Win...Liberals Flail

Finally, a responsible SCHIP that doesn't promote socialized healthcare.

Rep. Steve King January 23, 2008

Sen. Kyl Poses False Choice on Immigration Bill

Legalizing stowaways sinks the whole ship

Rep. Steve King May 25, 2007

We Can Fight Now or Be Consumed Later

Battle of the Bulge offers an important reminder

Rep. Steve King December 22, 2006

Why I Have Faith in Values Voters

Media's anti-GOP agenda won't deter conservatives

Rep. Steve King November 2, 2006

Democrats Will Use Immigration to Divide and Conquer

Party's playbook: Let Republicans self-destruct

Rep. Steve King March 28, 2006

GOP Congressman Tells Dems: Put Your Votes Where Your Mouths Are

The repeated calls from a group of supposed leaders of this country to cut and run are costing American...

Rep. Steve King November 18, 2005

Stopping Illegal Immigration Starts at the Worksite

Attention Americans, including those in the big white house: The U.S. has an illegal immigration...

Rep. Steve King November 4, 2005

The Constitution: Artifact of American History?

Exclusive to HUMAN EVENTS: Activist judges threaten religious freedom

Rep. Steve King March 17, 2005