Advocates working to bring campus carry to Sunshine State colleges

Florida Carry's Caranna on campus restrictions on gun owners: "Frankly, we have had enough."

Raquel Okyay December 31, 2014

Feldman & Pratt: Plan to merge ATF with FBI makes a bad cop worse

If the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, a soup sandwich from birth, combined the FBI, its...

Raquel Okyay December 28, 2014

'Girls Just Wanna Have Guns' foundress speaks up for female gun rights

Regis Giles: ???If you want to empower a woman ??? give her a gun."

Raquel Okyay December 21, 2014

Pratt: Disarmed Australians victimized by strict gun laws

One of the hostages saved the others by reaching for the terrorist's gun--if he was unarmed himself the...

Raquel Okyay December 20, 2014

Knife Rights fights against NYC blade ordinances

Most knife attacks, including the most recent one at a Synagogue in Brooklyn, are not committed with pocket...

Raquel Okyay December 14, 2014

NJ gun owners dodge new 'smart gun' regs

Bach: ???If smart gun technology is so great, put it out there without the mandates and let the market...

Raquel Okyay December 8, 2014

Louisiana high court suspends civil rights atty's law license; Atty challenged St. Tammany Parish sheriff

Abel defended Shane Gates, a man mauled by St. Tammany Parish deputies.

Raquel Okyay November 30, 2014

Pratt: Feds using Ferguson riot fears to clamp down on gun rights

Democrat governor called out the National Guard at the same time he shoved the local sheriff to the sidelines.

Raquel Okyay November 23, 2014

Nutmeg State SWAT storms gun owner's home, seizes firearms

Banker and amateur gunsmith with no criminal record, arrests or charges loses job after raid--despite invalid...

Raquel Okyay November 17, 2014

Lott: Bloomberg's Washington State win against gun rights based on lies

Voters were told the Bloomberg referendum with nine pages of new restrictions merely kept guns away from...

Raquel Okyay November 9, 2014

Pfarrer: Americans sold a bogus story of bin Laden kill mission

Author of "Target Geronimo" tells Guns & Patriots the official narrative of the bin Laden raid is wrong.

Raquel Okyay November 6, 2014

Cuomo refuses to hand over documents his troopers bullying at April gun rights rally

Thousands of New Yorkers rallied in April to protest Cuomo's anti-gun regime--then, Cuomo sent out his state...

Raquel Okyay November 3, 2014

L.I. 82nd Airborne vet, conservative runs for Congress in NY-1

Zeldin, a veteran of the Iraq War and Army Reserve officer looks to toss a six-term incumbent Democratic...

Raquel Okyay October 26, 2014

Empire State's SCOPE sues for SAFE Act documents

The SAFE Act is an extreme restriction of New York State gun rights--signed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, passed...

Raquel Okyay October 26, 2014