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Raheem Kassam is the Global Editor-in-Chief of Human Events. Previously the Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart London, as well as the former senior advisor to Brexit leader Nigel Farage, Kassam is also the bestselling author of 'No Go Zones: How Sharia Law is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You' and 'Enoch Was Right: Rivers of Blood 50 Years On'. Kassam is a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute, a fellow at the Bow Group, and a fellow at the Middle East Forum

Trump Jr. at Border Wall: Blasts Mueller, ‘the Squad’, Socialism. 

NEW MEXICO – Entering the We Build the Wall symposium on the U.S.-Mexico border to chants of, “2024!”,...

Raheem Kassam July 26, 2019

Who Wrote the Mueller Report?

Mueller was either cracking under pressure, or he’s not been fit for purpose throughout the whole...

Raheem Kassam July 24, 2019

How to Make Boris Work.

Boris Johnson is now Britain's Prime Minister. But his track record is poor. So here's how this can work.

Raheem Kassam July 23, 2019

Fox News to Air Fake Republican Group's Pro-Mueller Ad.

The advertisement will run during Sean Hannity's show.

Raheem Kassam July 22, 2019

What's The Difference Between Ilhan Omar and Piers Morgan?

When over 110,000 people signed a petition to deport Piers Morgan, no one called it “xenophobic”. 

Raheem Kassam July 18, 2019

Everyone's Gone Nuts. For Power and Profit.

A few Democrats get angry and all of America has to endure the hand-wringing.

Raheem Kassam July 17, 2019

Beto Is Using His Slave-Owning Ancestry.

Beto is the victim now.

Raheem Kassam July 15, 2019

Brian Karem Is Trump Derangement Syndrome Personified.

The Playboy reporter had his Trump Derangement Syndrome on full display in the White House Rose Garden...

Raheem Kassam July 12, 2019

Tucker Carlson Is Right: Ilhan Omar is An Ungrateful Immigrant.

Tucker Carlson is right. There's a phrase I don't think I'll ever tire of saying. But the knives are...

Raheem Kassam July 10, 2019

Persona Non Grata: Trump Trashes Globalist UK Ambassador.

Britain's Ambassador to the United States has been effectively declared persona non grata by the President of...

Raheem Kassam July 8, 2019

Killing The Fourth of July.

The left has opened up a new front on America: July 4th.

Raheem Kassam July 3, 2019

AntiFa, Terror Faction.

AntiFa has been lionized by politicians, the media, and celebrities. But the latest violence in Portland...

Raheem Kassam June 30, 2019

Democrats Won’t ‘Harness Love’ for America, Let Alone Against Trump.

I take Marianne Williamson’s threat seriously. She probably does intend to harness love to try and defeat...

Raheem Kassam June 28, 2019

No Bregrets: Brexit More Popular Than Ever.

New polling reveals Brexit is more popular than ever, with a 'hard Brexit' now not just popular amongst Leave...

Raheem Kassam June 26, 2019