EXCLUSIVE: The Secret Details Of Al Qaeda's Official Magazine

A big blast from a little light reading?

Rachel Marsden January 2, 2011

Could France Go Even Further Right?

Given some interesting facts, it not unfeasible.

Rachel Marsden December 26, 2010

Job Posting: GOP Presidential Candidate

Republican Party has room at the top.

Rachel Marsden December 19, 2010

Obama Couldn't Survive Being Berlusconi

The Italian Prime Minister is a true survivor and a political genius.

Rachel Marsden December 13, 2010

France's Warning To America

Six areas of ideological subversion.

Rachel Marsden December 10, 2010

Top 10 Moments of George W. Bush's FaceBook Interview

Blunt, transparent, witty, laid-back, confident, and infinitely likable.

Rachel Marsden December 5, 2010

How the Internet Invaded a Country and Could Start a War for You!

Disinformation taken as fact can have dire consequences on personal, professional, and national levels.

Rachel Marsden November 21, 2010

G20: Leaky Lifeboat Captains Give Lessons to Chinese Freighter

G20 Summit nations cannot dictate fair-trade terms to China when they’re in debt to the Asian giant.

Rachel Marsden November 14, 2010

Why Do Business Stars Make Bad Politicians?

Marsden examines the hidden myths and realities that lie behind bids for public office from America’s...

Rachel Marsden November 7, 2010

George Soros: Smoke a Bowl for California

Arguments presented by Soros favoring the legalization of marijuana in California go up in smoke when exposed...

Rachel Marsden October 31, 2010

Obama's Slight-of-Mouth Show

Isn’t the mentality of borrowing instead of growing responsibly exactly how America got into this whole...

Rachel Marsden October 24, 2010

What the Most Watched TV Shows Say About America

The Cable News Race is like a fight for the Special Olympics participation ribbon.

Rachel Marsden October 17, 2010

Hooters Attacked in the UK

The same people who hate American interventionism and imperialism will break down for a Big Mac at 1 a.m.

Rachel Marsden October 10, 2010

Obama's Definition of Rich is Wrong

Don't work too hard, climb too high, or earn too much. Otherwise, the government will punish you.

Rachel Marsden October 3, 2010