If Obama Pulled Sarkozy's Stunts, Well It'd Be Entertaining

What fun to imagine the French president's over-the-top antics, skewering of rivals, and jaunts with his...

Rachel Marsden April 10, 2011

Why Charlie Sheen Should Run for President

The unemployed actor, now a full-time screwup and ranter, is eminently qualified to spice up the field of...

Rachel Marsden April 3, 2011

French 20% More Supportive of Libya War Than Americans

Polling science has turned conventional wisdom about France's distaste for military intervention on its...

Rachel Marsden March 27, 2011

Canada's Immigrant Handbook Selectively Offends Liberals

A standard-bearer for the Left laments the culturally insensitive "tone" of a murder and genital mutilation...

Rachel Marsden March 20, 2011

Sarkozy's Hot Air Strikes

The French leader tends to be all bluster, no action, so don't hold your breath on him saving the world from...

Rachel Marsden March 13, 2011

Why You(r) Twits Won't Change Sheen or Gaddafi

Narcissists who buy into the illusion that their social media droppings can bring about world revolutions...

Rachel Marsden March 6, 2011

Union Liberticide From Wisconsin to France

Labor lockdown prevents individual workers from getting compensated for the the real value of their talents,...

Rachel Marsden February 27, 2011

European Media Calls George W. Bush Visionary

W.'s aim may not have been 100% humanitarian, but he was the one with the you-know-whats to knock down the...

Rachel Marsden February 20, 2011

The Catastrophe of 'Compromise'

The reality of this pretty word true leaders eschew is that meeting in the middle ends in flaccid,...

Rachel Marsden February 13, 2011

Charlie Sheen And Toxic Fame

"Two and a Half Men" star's cocaine-fueled bad behavior sums up the illusion vs. reality of Hollywood, as it...

Rachel Marsden February 6, 2011

The New Realities of Muslim Non-Integration

Does Europe really need more Muslims?

Rachel Marsden January 30, 2011

Obama: Blew Hu

Don't you remember when Reagan threw a ball for Mikhail Gorbachev?

Rachel Marsden January 23, 2011

The Tucson Shooting As Seen From France

Quick-trigger responses to gun ownership.

Rachel Marsden January 16, 2011

How I Was Mugged In The City Of Love

Paris again doesn't offer much of a fight.

Rachel Marsden January 9, 2011