Army's Energy Awareness Month: Obama Outsourced Leadership, and Oil, in Libya War

The President took a backseat role in Gaddafi's ouster, but now expects to fully partake in the energy...

Rachel Marsden October 23, 2011

Why Every American Should Care About the French Presidential Race

U.S. cash flow could dribble down if France allows Europe's co-dependency with China to thrive.

Rachel Marsden October 16, 2011

Wall Street and Its Occupiers: Both State Welfare Junkies

Seriously. Wouldn't you rather be free, bust your behind, and make a decent living for a fair amount of work?

Rachel Marsden October 9, 2011

Russia's Arctic Embrace: Cold War Reloaded

Putin's northern ecological concern is all about money, and Canada's Harper knows the score.

Rachel Marsden October 2, 2011

Obama's International Outsourcing

It's probably not a bad methodology, given the limited global expertise required of the Free World Leader.

Rachel Marsden September 25, 2011

Your Rights End Where Mine Begin

What's government good for? Enforcing the Golden Rule at every level.

Rachel Marsden September 18, 2011

French Socialism Risks War With Coca-Cola

Capitalism squashes a shameless tax ploy after giving the leftist bully a good scare.

Rachel Marsden September 11, 2011

Sept. 17, 2011: Day 1 of Anarchists' Attempt to Ignite America

Mad as hell, and not gonna take it anymore? Come on down!

Rachel Marsden September 4, 2011

Obama: Go Get the Lockerbie Bomber From Libya

The freed murderer of 189 Americans was to die in three months. Two years later he's alive and hanging with...

Rachel Marsden August 28, 2011

Republican Primaries: A Guide to Vetting Candidates' Sex Lives

Yes, certain types of pathological infidelity (Eliot Spitzer) should count out even a qualified...

Rachel Marsden August 21, 2011

Of Course America's Psychos Are Ripe for London-Style Riots

The New Hooliganism stems from a psychopathology of entitlement, burgeoning more than ever on the shores of...

Rachel Marsden August 14, 2011

Global Poll Uncovers Psychic Shift on Immigration

Considering the changing tide of opinion, research shows a move toward importing the cream of the crop rather...

Rachel Marsden August 7, 2011

If Norway's Single Nutcase Makes a Trend, We're All Terrorists Now

A lone maniac's bloodshed becomes a disturbing sign of right-wing extremism. Meanwhile, back in The States,...

Rachel Marsden July 31, 2011

Global Warming Panel to Earth's Rescue, on the UN's Dime?

But what about the humans? Here's what we'll do: Crank up the supersized AC and hydrate like heck.

Rachel Marsden July 24, 2011