The new European Union credit downgrades

How can Europe break free of socialism's economic Stockholm syndrome?

Rachel Marsden January 29, 2012

Globalization: Survival of the phoniest

Russia's the No. 1 player in this international game of false humility.

Rachel Marsden January 22, 2012

France loses AAA credit rating, socialism bombs out again

Sarkozy now needs to use the downgrading as an opportunity to take an even harder line in favor of limited...

Rachel Marsden January 15, 2012

Margaret Thatcher and the plague of fake female empowerment

The Iron Lady's achievements were not the superficial results of a wasted life.

Rachel Marsden January 8, 2012

Putin Stymies Protesters With Classic Spy Subversion Strategies

The Russian leader's deft moves catch the disorderly uprising off-guard.

Rachel Marsden January 1, 2012

Christmas Gifts For My Favorite Targets

A shark, a harness, and four vials of testosterone for Russian PM Putin...

Rachel Marsden December 25, 2011

Canada Quits Kyoto Protocol, Dodges Tax Bullet

Common sense prevails as our northern neighbor avoids the fruitless money pit of carbon reduction.

Rachel Marsden December 18, 2011

Jail and Impeach Overspending European Leaders

EU will stay buried in debt until there are consequences for reckless members.

Rachel Marsden December 11, 2011

The Next WikiLeaks Bombshells?

There's a lot more to the global private intelligence industry than meets the eye...

Rachel Marsden December 4, 2011

An Alternative Manifesto For The Durban Environmental Summit

Excessive tree-hugging is suffocating the foliage...

Rachel Marsden November 27, 2011

U.S. and Europe Threaten Their Own Energy Independence

Western allies are cutting off oil from Canada through protectionism masked as environmentalism.

Rachel Marsden November 20, 2011

Rick Perry Fits Perfectly Into a Novel Cast of Characters

A candidate forgets his lines, it's all over the front page. Style matters, substance not so much.

Rachel Marsden November 13, 2011

G20 Dysfunctional Family Reunion Recap

Mom France and Dad Germany fretted over prodigal Greece and doddering Gramps Italy, amusing their rich...

Rachel Marsden November 6, 2011

America Now More Pro-Civil Service Than Russia

As our Cold War nemesis sees the light, Obama's got government "teleworkers" clocking in from their beds.

Rachel Marsden October 30, 2011