Faulty ideas about marriage

Let's insist on candidates who recognize that marriage and the nuclear family are the essential foundation of...

Phyllis Schlafly August 19, 2014

Common Core's growing unpopularity

The highly acclaimed school standards are becoming so unpopular that they may soon be politically...

Phyllis Schlafly August 12, 2014

Minimum wage and welfare: the tradeoff

Raising the minimum wage may actually be worth considering.

Phyllis Schlafly January 7, 2014

Grinch still trying to steal Christmas

Ho! Ho! Ho! The grinch is getting nowhere in Texas.

Phyllis Schlafly December 26, 2013

Pre-K Is for bureaucrats, not kids

We should get the facts, learn from past failures, and abandon pie-in-the-sky projects before we "invest" any...

Phyllis Schlafly December 17, 2013

Article V convention a recipe for chaos

The whole process is a prescription for political chaos, controversy and confrontation.

Phyllis Schlafly August 27, 2013

Schlafly: Pre-K won't help kids

Obama likes to say he is guided by "the science."

Phyllis Schlafly February 26, 2013

Schlafly: Hypocrisy of amnesty advocates

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Phyllis Schlafly February 20, 2013

Schlafly: Battling for control of GOP

Rove has declared war on grassroots conservatives and Tea Parties.

Phyllis Schlafly February 12, 2013

Schlafly: The wrong man for SecDef

Here comes more globalist philosophy.

Phyllis Schlafly February 6, 2013

Schlafly: Panetta's cowardly decision

The new order on women at the front lines will surely lead to a "degradation of good order and discipline."

Phyllis Schlafly January 29, 2013

Bailing out the European Union

Bailing out Europe is absolutely not any "part" of "our" duty.

Phyllis Schlafly January 12, 2012

NEA's Latest Shenanigans

The National Education Association pushes radical-left agenda.

Phyllis Schlafly August 4, 2010

Kagan Must Answer Question about DOMA

As solicitor general, what position did Elena Kagan take on the Defense of Marriage Act that resulted in...

Phyllis Schlafly July 16, 2010