Obama's Huge Tax Hikes Will Ruin Weak Economy

Barack Obama’s tax plan appears in written detail on his website and his top economic advisors have also...

pferrara October 7, 2008

Obama's Tax Plan: Welcome to 1929

Not the change you want in an economic crisis.

pferrara October 6, 2008

Support President Bush's SCHIP Veto

The bill extending the State Children’s Health Insurance (SCHIP) program that President Bush just...

pferrara October 17, 2007

Missing: Real Leadership on Entitlements

President failed to propose solutions during SOTU

pferrara January 29, 2007

Entitlement Reform Without a Tax Hike

Are we going to fight for what we believe in?

pferrara January 3, 2007

Foley Affair Illustrates Party Differences

GOP acted quickly, but Dems didn't do the sameTop 10 Democratic Sex Scandals in Congress

pferrara October 11, 2006

Democrats Waging Mindless Campaign Attacks on Social Security

Republican could -- and should -- win again on issue

pferrara September 21, 2006

ACLU Hails Major Defeat in War on Terror

But it's a decision that will be reversed on appeal

pferrara August 29, 2006

Congressman Wolf's Bill Opens Door to Massive Tax Increase

Either tax increases are on the table or they are not Congressmen Question Subway System's Funding

pferrara June 26, 2006

Bring Medicaid Spending Under Control

Cost of program reaches staggering $338 billion

pferrara December 2, 2005

The Left's False Assault on President Bush

Blanco, Nagin, and Broussard should resign in disgrace: thousands of their own constituents died because of...

pferrara September 8, 2005

Stop the Raid, Start the Accounts

Finally, a bill focusing exclusively on personal accounts

pferrara July 15, 2005

No to Progressive Indexing

Thinking benefit cuts will get Dems to back PRAs is absurd

pferrara May 6, 2005

Ryan-Sununu Bill Limits Government Spending

PRAs could bring the greatest reduction in government ever

pferrara April 11, 2005