Will Early Nominations Lead to Voter Disinterest?

The other day I received an e-mail from my cousin Kathy in California. Kathy is one of the most thoughtful...

Paul Weyrich April 3, 2007

February 2008 Primaries Dangerously Favor Candidates With Deep Pockets

Under the new political system, President Reagan may never have made it to the Oval Office

Paul Weyrich March 22, 2007

Returning Veterans Need Real Assistance

Since the invasion of Iraq nearly four years ago promises made to our military men and women have been broken...

Paul Weyrich March 19, 2007

CPAC and Extended Campaigns: Too Much Too Soon

Can only the wealthy run for President?

Paul Weyrich March 15, 2007

Timetables for Withdrawal From Iraq and the Danger of Polls

Most Democrats think the country is so fed up with the war that is why they won last November

Paul Weyrich March 14, 2007

Public Schools: Parental Rights in Jeopardy

American public schools have gone from generally good to abysmal

Paul Weyrich March 2, 2007

Overkill in Presidential Nominating Duration and Media Play

An accelerated campaign for the presidency is a terrible mistake

Paul Weyrich February 26, 2007

The Speaker of the House: Her 757 Requests and Competing Publicity

It is the old 'do as I say, not as I do' routine

Paul Weyrich February 16, 2007

McConnell Senate Leadership: Likely Significant Change

One of life's little ironies played itself out in the United States Senate these past few days. Let us return...

Paul Weyrich February 14, 2007

The Effort to Reimpose the So-Called Fairness Doctrine Grows

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was created by Congress in 1934 to oversee the publicly owned...

Paul Weyrich February 6, 2007

English as Our National Language -- to Benefit All of Us

Like Henry A. Kissinger, former Speaker Newt Gingrich is brilliant out of office. But many observers agree...

Paul Weyrich January 31, 2007

Uncertainty as to the 2008 Democratic Nominee

Despite being known for policy politics on one hand and urban transportation on the other, I consider myself...

Paul Weyrich January 30, 2007

Strategic Defense Initiative

We are in the midst of a new space race. This race, unlike the last, is one that usually is ignored -- or...

Paul Weyrich January 23, 2007

The Need For Conservative Unity in 2008

There are times I am so frustrated I want to scream. Such was the case this past week. I was in a gathering...

Paul Weyrich January 10, 2007