The Humbling of a Superpower

The brutal fact is that Obama achieved nothing at all at the G-20 and NATO summits.

ggardiner April 9, 2009

No Way To Treat A Prime Minister

There are three words to describe the White House’s reception for the British Prime Minister last week:...

ggardiner March 10, 2009

The UN Sinks to New Depths

Sandinista to head the general assembly.

ggardiner June 9, 2008

Israel at 60

The West must ensure Israel’s long-term survival.

ggardiner May 8, 2008

French Government, Sarkozy a Disappointment

The delusions of grandeur subside.

ggardiner March 20, 2008

The West is Winning in Iraq

The success of the surge proved critics wrong.

ggardiner March 13, 2008

Prince Harry The Hero Puts Europe to Shame

Prince Harry's example is one be applauded and followed.

ggardiner February 29, 2008

Osama bin London

In many ways Britain today is the central front in the battle against Islamist militancy in Europe...

ggardiner February 28, 2008

Israel Will be Safe with Rudy Giuliani as President

Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani clearly understands the nature of the threat that Israel faces.

ggardiner January 24, 2008

The Decline of the Royal Navy: Admiral Nelson Must be Turning in His Grave

A recently leaked British government study provides a shocking glimpse into the decline of the Royal Navy...

ggardiner December 7, 2007

Happy UNday?

A very merry unbirthday to the Turtle Bay crime family.

ggardiner October 24, 2007

Gordon Brown's Wrong Move on Iraq

Retreat is not a word that features prominently in the lexicon of British military history.

ggardiner October 15, 2007

Blair Must Not Betray Britain Over Europe

British Prime Minister Tony Blair deserves great credit for his leadership in the war on terror, as well as...

ggardiner June 14, 2007

Britain Must Become Great Again

The unfortunate decision by British defense chiefs not to send Prince Harry to Iraq will be interpreted as an...

ggardiner May 17, 2007