Articles by Neil W. McCabe

Neil W. McCabe is the editor of HE's "Guns & Patriots" e-letter and was a senior reporter at the Human Events newspaper. McCabe deployed with the Army Reserve to Iraq for 15 months as a combat historian. For many years, he was a reporter and photographer for "The Pilot," Boston's Catholic paper. He was also the editor of the free community papers "The Somerville (Mass.) News and "The Alewife (North Cambridge, Mass.)." Email him: Follow him on Twitter: @neilwmccabe.

ATW: German student's killing: teens detail burglaries

Teens detail burglaries in German student's killing

Neil W. McCabe December 8, 2014

ATW: To carry or not to carry concealed guns on campus? That's the debate at Texas A&M

Should Texas A&M students be allowed to carry guns on campus?

Neil W. McCabe December 8, 2014

Video: Making of Tomb of the Unknowns guards

Check out what it takes to be a Sentinel.

Neil W. McCabe December 7, 2014

After 9 years, Senate set to approve 'Copper Keystone' mine

Resolution Mine poised to create 4,000 jobs and 25 percent of U.S. copper consumption, despite hypocrisy of...

Neil W. McCabe December 7, 2014

Schatz: Citizens Against Government Waste 'key votes' its opposition to online gambling ban

CCAGW joins Capitol Hill conservatives and libertarians in the fight againt Adelson's bid to outlaw his...

Neil W. McCabe December 4, 2014

Video debate: Raise the top rate back to 74%?

Unreconstructed liberals are pushing a plan to raise tax rates to pay for free college and more healthcare...

Neil W. McCabe December 3, 2014

Video: Marines surviving 'The Crucible' the ultimate challenge

Marines are not like the rest of us--and that is a good thing. Although Marines often fight side-by-side...

Neil W. McCabe November 30, 2014

ATW: Wisconsin Gun Laws and How They Differ From Neighboring States

By law, Wisconsin is a ???shall-issue??? state for a concealed carrying license

Neil W. McCabe November 30, 2014

ATW: Edmonds mom shoots home intruder

Mom Shoots Intruder While Husband, Kids Sleep Inside Edmonds Home

Neil W. McCabe November 30, 2014

ATW: Terror in Parkside: Police release composite sketch of suspect in early morning home invasion

Three men entered the apartment through the unlocked front door

Neil W. McCabe November 30, 2014

ATW: Ferguson concealed-carry gun applications surged after Michael Brown shooting

Ferguson gun permit applications rose after Michael Brown shooting

Neil W. McCabe November 30, 2014

ATW: Police arrest man who says he mistakenly shot wife

Police arrest Oklahoma City man who shot, killed wife last week

Neil W. McCabe November 30, 2014

ATW: Lawmakers considering allowing open carry for handguns in Texas

Texas lawmakers introduce bills for both open, constitutional carry

Neil W. McCabe November 30, 2014

Video: Rand Paul on Bill Maher's 'Real Time'

The Kentucky senator talked about the War on Coal, the War on Drugs and the War on Terror.

Neil W. McCabe November 24, 2014